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Finally, a common sense resolution

How ridiculous would have been the partial shutdown of Minnesota state government that was looming until a final agreement was reached Monday between Gov. Mark Dayton and House Republicans?

  • icon Posted: June 01

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Saturday 05/30/2015
Greater Minnesota pledge can still be honored
Posted: May 30, 2015

Heidi Omerza

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Remembering Katy Coombe
Posted: May 30, 2015

It was 51 years ago that I entered the world of work, and I have always remained grateful that Roy and Kathryn Coombe were my very first employers. They hired this high school junior to work at their Biwabik Times in 1964.

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Nuclear energy
Posted: May 30, 2015

I’m pleased that three the anti-nuclear activists (MDN 5-17-15) were recently freed by a federal appeals court.

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Friday 05/29/2015
Onions to Legislature; to Obama; to Iron Range Delegation; to Baltimore officials
Posted: May 29, 2015

Onions: To the Minnesota Legislature. The system is broken! These elected representatives of the people have hopelessly failed their constituents. They can’t get their work on time. They only care about getting re-elected and not about doing their work they are supposed to do. They wait till the last minute to theoretically pass bills. A PhD economist from Hamline University in St. Paul was interviewed by WCCO Television in the Twin Cities and gave his take on the Minnesota Legislature and their last minute term papers. If term papers were done the night before due they then ended up not being very good and he said that was true for bills passed at the end of the session. When the House passed a budget bill at the closing of the session, some representatives actually stated they had not read it! Can you imagine that? The citizens of the state are paying for this and now will pay for a special session because they can’t get work done on time after five months! We need to get rid of all of them and have ordinary working folks who are responsible to take over.

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Wednesday 05/27/2015
Still time to salvage session for rural areas
Posted: May 27, 2015

The governor and legislative leaders are acting like college students who in spring semester had four months to prepare for a final exam or term paper and frittered away about 120 days, and then crammed like sleep-deprived zombies the day and night before the test/paper D-Day.

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Monday 05/25/2015
Range provision vetoed by Dayton
Posted: May 25, 2015

A few weeks ago when U.S. Steel announced major layoffs at its Minntac taconite plant in Mountain Iron Gov. Mark Dayton was quick to journey to Virginia to show his support and concern for Local 1938 Steelworkers and also local legislators.

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Saturday 05/23/2015
Virginia School District did it right on early childhood education; state should follow
Posted: May 23, 2015

I would like to applaud the Virginia School District for implementing the All Day/Every Day Pilot Pre-K program at Parkview this past school year.

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Freedom can’t be taken for granted; Clinton imperialists
Posted: May 23, 2015

We know the news just keeps us guessing on military activities, so we can’t so much arrive at a conclusion.

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