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Brace yourself for the evil times ahead of us - Mesabi Daily News: Opinion

Brace yourself for the evil times ahead of us

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Posted: Saturday, March 2, 2013 10:49 pm

What a great leader Barack Obama is.

The number one job of the president is to protect the citizens of the United States, yet any day now Obama is going to unconstitutionally fast-track 11 million impatiently waiting illegal aliens to the front of the citizenship line. Never mind that the first thing these people did upon entering our country was break federal law.

Of course Obama’s disdain for the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the American people in general comes as no surprise. To jump start his assault on the 2nd Amendment, this president and his attorney general flooded Mexico with thousands of semi-automatic weapons that have been used to murder untold hundreds of Mexican citizens, including children. Several Americans have been killed with these weapons also. Do we remember Brian Terry?

Our southern border is wide open. Obama has been either unable or unwilling to secure this border. Why? We have the means to protect ourselves. Why does Obama choose to leave us undefended?

Narco-terrorists invade our country every day, smuggling in people, drugs, and yes, weapons. Drug cartels have taken root in our cities and have even set up shop in our national forests.

Are they here in Minnesota? Yes!

Hezbollah and other Islamic terrorist groups have set up training camps throughout Central America. These terrorists are also flowing freely across our southern border. They are setting up camps throughout our country and are preparing to unleash a murderous wave over the United States.

Are they in Minnesota? Yes, they’re here, too!

Why does Obama knowingly allow this? Why does he not defend our borders? We’ve had terrible violence in this country recently, brought on by the unbalanced. Now, with the assistance of those in power, our country is being infiltrated by enemies who seek our destruction.

Brace yourselves fellow citizens for the evil times ahead. Thanks for your leadership Barack Obama.

Dan Lubahn

Chairman Republican 6B

Co-Director Northwoods T.E.A. Party

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