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Why no outrage for U.S. deaths in Afghanistan? - Mesabi Daily News: Opinion

Why no outrage for U.S. deaths in Afghanistan?

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  • ironranger6 posted at 8:43 am on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

    ironranger6 Posts: 750

    Well written a fact filled.....so that makes you a racist or bigot are some other label..... the liberal wacko's can not be forced to face facts......they are children, and like children they just want to play and be irresponsible with no consequences........ do we really want the man/child re-elected? That damage he will cause if re-elected will be unrecoverable...... look at europe, people! Its their policies that Obama is implimenting..........do you really want to doom your children and grandchildren to a country of welfare recipients? You golks do remember the Carter years right? Time to do the right thing..... vote for excellence not dependence......!


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