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Onions to Nolan; to double standard on Gen. Petraeus - Mesabi Daily News: Opinion

Onions to Nolan; to double standard on Gen. Petraeus

Orchids to Rep. Cravaack; to President Obama; to grade-schoolers honoring Range veterans

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Posted: Friday, November 16, 2012 8:11 pm

Orchids: To Chip Cravaack. Thank you for serving the Range so graciously, I’m sorry you were thrown into a very negative campaign! The fact that you had an “R” after your name for some reason means your evil! The Democrat for Life Party couldn’t stand the fact that you won. And to the writer from Embarrass, you should keep your mouth shut when you don’t have the facts! Super PACs pumped millions into Nolan’s campaign as did the local DFL Party We lost a good man and got a man who should be home with his grandkids enjoying retirement! Nolan, I will call you on everything you campaigned for. And orchids to Mr. Starkovich from Ely who saw Chip for the man not the party and exposed Mr. Anderson for his obvious selfish interests. (Submitted by Dean Lindberg of Virginia.)

Orchids: To Neil, assistant manager at Super One North, for courtesy and customer service above and beyond the call of duty, when I left behind a bag of groceries last week. He was professional and kind, as are all the employees there! Thanks for your help!

Onions: Muddy ones because of all the mud being dragged all over Jasmine Street and Aster Avenue in West Virginia from the mining equipment industrial operation to the east and south. What a big mess.

Onions: To Rick Nolan for his comments at the Associated Press interview in Minneapolis on Nov. 18 when he said the BWCA Land Swap bill would not advance before the end of the congressional session because it lacks bipartisan support. If he wanted to tell the truth he would have said that the BWCA Land Swap bill lacks Democrat support as the bill was already passed by the Republican House of Representatives. Democrats hold a strong majority in the Senate and both Minnesota Senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken are Democrat, so what could stop a Senate companion bill from being passed? Only their allegiance to the Sierra Club rather than to the voters of Northeastern Minnesota.

Orchids: To the onions submitted by Jason and Mandy Akerson. I couldn’t agree with you more about adult issues being put on our children and grandchildren and our need to protect our children. I’m afraid that the school district won’t change. (Submitted by a Former Student, Former Parent, and now Grandparent to School Age Children in Virginia.)

Onions: To the person who stole my UPS package right off my doorstep. How dare you walk right up to my home, trespass, and help yourself to something that is not yours. Unfortunately, this time of year sees a lot of theft as the holiday season approaches. Williams Addition homeowners beware of any packages delivered to your doorsteps. Lock your doors, cars, windows, garages, and don’t leave anything in your vehicles. So sad people cannot be trusted!

Onions: To the Gilbert council! I was very surprised to see a city charter on the ballot, the way it was written up made it very confusing. The Marriage Amendment and the Photo Identification amendment were not any clearer. I still don’t understand the city clerk issue that was on the ballot. Is confusing voters your best chance of these charters and amendments passing? When voters don’t understand what they are voting for, should it count?

Orchids: To a most pleasant and helpful clerk at Freedom. She came out in the windy cold weather to put air in a low tire. It was over and above, and I appreciated it.

Onions: We better run and hide! Mountain Iron Mayor Skalko needs help. Your rude, boorish behavior at council meetings is a major embarrassment. The outburst by you at the Nov. 5 meeting was way over the top. Your constant babble about newspaper onions proves it also. (Submitted by B.D. from South Grove.)

Onions: There must be many who live here in Mountain Iron who have plenty of money to burn and could care less about city spending. I’m saying that because the only fiscal watchdog we had on the City Council was voted out of office. Now watch our taxes and utility bills go out of site. Watch your wallet and purses!

Orchids: To all the businesses men and women who have given us jobs. Onions to all who voted for Obama. If you haven’t heard, this week many businesses in our country are having to lay people off because of ObamaCare. It will not be repealed now. They just can’t afford the extra burden that will be placed on them. Liberals tend to hate big business and anyone else who does well. It’s like they are jealous. Go figure.

Orchids: To the voters of Gilbert. At a time when people long for the “good old days,” you showed that ambitious “Packsacker” what happens when you mess with the “good old boys.” So slap yourselves on the backs and head on down to the corner bar to hear what’s next on their agenda. (Submitted by Disgruntled in Gilbert.)

Onions: To Mountain Iron officials and crew. You need to drive on the old “dirt” roads in Kinross, on a wet/snowy day. I dare you! Grading only makes it worse. Take the time and effort to apply for grants or allocate some of our tax dollars to fix this very dirty problem. P.S. Don’t forget us when it snows. If they can take a run down Old 169 then they can take a pass on the side roads also. (Submitted by Nina Buria.)

Onions: Why do we expect our politicians to be lily white? Isn’t politician and lily-white an oxymoron? They are people like us and they behave like us. They should never resign from their office because of an affair. Half the country is doing the same thing. Bless General Petraeus.

Onions: Our election campaigns are all wrong. Politicians have to spend one-half of their terms campaigning — representatives spend one year out of two campaigning and the president spends two years out of four.

Onions: I am not a young person and this is the worst election I have seen in my entire life. It is incomprehensible that anyone would vote for the man in the White House. He has done exactly nothing. And in the 8th District, that anyone would turn his back on someone who has tried so hard to help the Iron Range is also unbelievable. Oberstar did nothing about mining. Mr. Romney is a business man and common sense tells us he could help our economy. This country is on the way out and we deserve it.

Onions: To wolf hunters. If you shot one I hope you eat it. Otherwise the only people who should shoot them are people who have lost their pets to them or people who have lost their livestock.

Onions: To our Socialist president. He wants to take money from rich people and give it to poor people. This is 100 percent wrong. My only income is Social Security and I have no savings of any kind. I still would never take money away from rich people. It is theirs and not mine.

Onions: This country is becoming a matriarchy. Every time a good job opens up a woman gets it. You men better stand up for yourselves.

Orchids: To the re-election of Obama; more orchids to his lovely wife and beautiful daughters. What a breath of fresh air to have in the White House.

Onions: To some people who thrive on the ugly aspects of life and never have a kind thought on their minds.

Orchids: The last election renewed my faith in the common man. We the people won. All we had was our votes and a few dollars to give. I’m so glad that the multimillionaires’ money could not buy their way to run America. I hope by the time 2016 rolls around that the government creates new money laws; that all Americans are allowed to vote in a decent amount of time; no more long lines anywhere, and the color of our skin won’t matter. That’s democracy, that’s what the U.S.A. should be.

Orchids: To the person who wrote, last Saturday, about the last election: Socialist vs. Freedom. I can’t agree with you more. Our forefathers who wrote the Constitution, have to be turning over in their graves. This is not what they had in mind for America.

Onions: To the Republicans. You lost the election because of all the radicals you have in the party who are so concerned about social issues to the neglect of important issues like jobs and the economy. You lost the national election and you lost the Minnesota Legislature because of pure stupidity. You won’t get elected in the future unless you understand these shortcomings and fix them. Voters for the most part don’t care about social issues anymore, when their lives are at stake.

Onions: To the poor ignorant soul who wrote last week’s onion criticizing the NRA and the editor of the Mesabi Daily News. This individual implied that the NRA and Mr. Hanna were using the Second Amendment issues as an election scare tactic and justified their opinion by stating that our government hasn’t taken our guns away yet. Most of us realize that we won’t lose this right overnight. We risk losing this right little by little. Little by little, one small piece of legislation at a time, gun control advocates like yourself, Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, and Nolan will chip away at our constitutional rights to bear arms. With the current group of elected officials in place, the NRA and those of us who support the Second Amendment have an uphill battle to preserve our constitutional right to bear arms. Thank God we have the NRA as a watchdog over you gun control advocates. Thank God we have a newspaper editor who has the courage to stand up to your typical liberal view.

Orchids: To Chip Cravaack for the best two years of representation within the 8th District for quite some time. You truly supported the Iron Range by supporting and promoting the mining and logging industry issues throughout the past two years. I am a union member and still consider myself a Democrat, but you won me over by demonstrating that “R” or “DFL” after an elected official’s name doesn’t tell the whole story. I feel sorry for the voters who were swayed to vote for Nolan based on lies and deception. We now see that Nolan has already considered your land swap legislation as a failure because it doesn’t meet the needs of the radical environmental groups that he so strongly supports. Throughout the next two years it will become apparent who the real “Pretender” is — Rick Nolan and Ray Pierce Jr., certainly not Chip Cravaack!

Onions: Shame on the City of Eveleth, for not taking care of the streets on Nov. 12. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that when it rains the night before and turning into snow during the night that maybe you should sand or salt the streets. I happened to had to go to Virginia on the 12th and when leaving I had to take Fayal Avenue and at the top of the hill you could see it wasn’t sanded. When I got to the bottom, I could barely stop. I posted that to my friends, and a lot of other people said the same thing happened to them. But when I went to return home, and mind you I had my truck in four-wheel drive and creeping, to take the left hand turn to go up Fayal Avenue, it was so slippery that I could not slow down or steer and I hit the curb. The impact of hitting the curb was so hard that our vehicle went on two tires and then landed back on our four tires. There was no sand or salt on Fayal Avenue when the accident happened. When returning 10 minutes later to take pictures, funny thing is they had sanded.

Orchids: To Judith Korpi of the Edgewood Vista staff for honoring veterans with a Veterans Day program and for painting a beautiful mural dedicated to those residents who served their country.

Orchids: To the fifth and sixth graders at Nelle Shean Elementary in Gilbert and the seventh and eighth graders at Eveleth-Gilbert Junior High for their Veterans Day programs and for collecting items to be sent to the troops. Special thanks to teacher Laurie Oates for organizing the annual event. (Submitted by George and Mark Klobuchar VFW Post 4456 and Ladies Auxiliary.)

Onions: To all who voted for Mr. Nolan — an over the hill politician hack. He’s not even in office, and he’s announced that he will torpedo a Boundary Waters land swap, to our benefit put together by our local pols. What’s next? Confiscate our sporting arms, raise taxes, stop mineral recovery development. Congratulations to you and your group.

Onions: To our double standard. General Petraus resigned as director of the CIA. This because of an affair with a woman, while he and she were married to others. This was discovered in part because his Internet traffic was compromised. All that happened is appropriate, with the exception that his paramour’s past is hidden by the media. However, we have had to the best of my knowledge four chief executives involved, and in some cases, illegitimate children were involved. They all continued in office. How many in the legislative branch have been so involved? A double standard. If you are a flog or general officer or the head of a Cabinet or important bureau, good-bye, your Internet traffic is not secure.

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  • mtnash posted at 9:31 am on Mon, Nov 19, 2012.

    mtnash Posts: 23

    One of the saddest O&O comment I've ever read was the onion to our "socialist" president from someone whose only income is SS and has no other income of any other kind. He/she doesn't seem to realize that with only SS and possibly Medicare keeping him/her going, he/she is just barely in the middle class and only one disaster, illness or accident, away from being one of the poor. In fact, at least 1/3 of people with only SS are in the poverty income level.

    He/she must have forgotten that GW Bush had a priority of privatizing SS and went around the country many times trying to convince seniors how great private SS accounts invested in the stock market would be. Suspicious seniors didn't buy it. Their skepticism was proven right after the financial meltdown and so many seniors' retirement accounts invested in the stock market took a bit hit or were gutted.

    The GOP have not been hiding that they view SS recipients as moochers, takers and pretend SS costs too much money even though it is a trust fund. At the same time, the ultra wealthy's tax rates are the lowest in decades and they have all kinds of ways to avoid paying even those taxes that the rest of us don't. Big corporations have had some of their biggest profits ever while getting all kinds of entitlements in gov't subsidies and tax breaks. Republican legislators want even more tax breaks for the wealthy on top of keeping the Bush tax cuts but they insist we can't afford SS, Medicare, etc. How this makes any fiscal or moral sense to Republican voters is mind boggling.

  • LuckyMe posted at 9:50 am on Sun, Nov 18, 2012.

    LuckyMe Posts: 229

    Nolan hasn't even been sworn into office yet and already he is making plans that do not benefit the Range in any way, shape or form. I am very happy to say that I didn't vote for him and I refuse to take any of the blame for what is ahead of us. And I will keep saying "I told you so".


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