VIRGINIA — A Level 3 predatory offender was released and moved to Virginia, where he formerly resided.

Joseph Bernard Goerdt, AKA Joe Bernard Patch, 38, was released from prison on Sept. 3.

Patch is white, 5’ 7” and 197 lbs. His eyes are hazel, hair is brown and is of medium build and complexion.

Patch engaged in sexual contact with known female children and a teen. He was known to the victims. Patch “took advantage of a child’s disability and used force against another,” states the press release.

Patch is set to reside on the 300 blockof Chestnut Street in Virginia.

According to police, Goerdt had previously lived in Virginia, and is not wanted by police at this time, and has already served his sentence.

“This offender is not wanted by the police at this time and has served the sentence imposed on him/her by the court,” states the press release. “This notification is not intended to increase fear in the community. Law enforcement believes that an informed public is a safer public.”

He is the seventh registered sex offender living in Virginia.


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