Green Cheese quiz show tests Range knowledge for Pasty Festival

MOUNTAIN IRON — As part of the Iron Range Pasty Festival, local public radio station KAXE themed its weekly quiz show “Green Cheese” about the Iron Range.

“Green Cheese” is a weekly call-in trivia show produced by Northern Community Radio. There are four regular hosts who are all volunteers at KAXE/KBXE: Julie Crabb, Brandon Chase, Mike Spry and Kristi Miller.

“Hosting ‘Green Cheese’ is one of our most technically demanding volunteer shifts,” said Sarah Bignall, director of operations for Northern Community Radio and occasional fill-in host for Green Cheese, in an email. “Not only is the host in charge of coming up with all the questions, they also must run the sound board, answer phone lines and keep track of the callers and answers.”

The show had a serendipitous beginning.

“Green Cheese started in 1982, Scott Hall and Bill McKeever were the first producers/host of the show,” she explained. “

One night, a volunteer canceled shortly before their shift. Scott and Bill started doing an on-air crossword puzzle to buy Bill some time to get ready to fill that vacant volunteer shift. Bill took over doing most of the hosting until he passed away in 1995.”

Most episodes do not have a theme, but with the Iron Range Pasty Festival on the schedule, the Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability (IRPS) reached out to the program.

Green Cheese aired during the festival and was heard on speakers throughout the event.

Questions focused on Iron Range and pasty history, and the call-in number was posted at the event.

The show has enthusiastic listenership and participants call in from all over the U.S. with each caller creating their own handle or team name although official score is not kept on the radio.

“Green Cheese is a tradition for many families, especially those with cabins in Northern Minnesota, Bignall said.

“There is no better way to spend an evening at the cabin playing Green Cheese Trivia.”

Green Cheese airs from 7 to 9 p.m. on Saturday on 91.7 KAXE Grand Rapids, 90.5 KBXE in Bemidji, 89.9 in Brainerd, 103.9 in Ely and streamed anywhere at

The program provided the question and answers to this Iron Range themed show.


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