Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota announced Monday it was planning to close its Aurora office this fall as some employees move to remote work locations.

The closure will impact 21 people in customer service and claims processing, but will not reduce the insurer’s workforce. Employees were notified of the pending move.

“With the increase of teleworking capabilities in the past several years, there is a decreased need for physical office space in Aurora,” said Sara Mulder, a public relations specialist for Blue Cross, in an email. “Our workforce in northern Minnesota continues to be a vital part of our efforts to transform health care as we have hired 16 new customer service associates in the northern offices so far this year.”

Mulder said about 80 percent of the Aurora-based employees already elect to work remotely. The remaining employees in the Aurora office will either transfer to remote locations or the insurer’s Virginia office.

Blue Cross will begin the move in September and plans to close the site later in the fall.

It’s unclear what the future of the building, which opened in the early 2000s, is in the near future.

The 5-acre facility is valued at $647,300, according to a St. Louis County property tax search and owned by Health Landlord (MN) LLC, which leases the space to Blue Cross.

“The building will be closed with minimum maintenance while we work with the landlord on a plan to sell or lease the space,” Mulder said. “It will likely take several months to have a long term plan for the space.”


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