DAV: Proper care is needed for donations

Zandra Gaddis empties a Disabled American Veteran drop box in Aurora Monday afternoon. The charity collects cloths which are sold to raise money for veterans.

The members of the DAV greatly appreciate those who donate used clothing to give to those in need. But they are asking that people use care in properly placing the items in the bright green collection containers seen throughout the Range.

Kenneth "Butch" Panula, a member of Kolstad Chapter 23 of the Disabled American Veterans, said, "If the bins are overstuffed and the top loading door is left open, if it happens to rain, some of the material inside will get wet, and we (DAV) will have to dispose of it at a cost to us."

The men's, women's and children's clothing "should be gently used and clean" and placed in 13-gallon tall kitchen bags and tied securely. Panula said, "We still also accept men's, ladies' and children's shoes and boots in good condition. We will also accept blankets as well as couch pillows, bedding and kitchen linens in good condition."

Panula explained that if the clothes are not bagged when put into the collection receptacle, "it takes us longer to bag it up, and when we open the bin door, the clothes may fall on the ground."

Panula said the public has been generous in donating. "Our collection bins have been very busy the last year, and we have been trying to empty them as soon as possible." The trailer is also at Super One South every other Thursday for collections. The trailer will be at Super One South again on Thursday, July 25, and "every other Thursday until the weather gets too cold," Panula said.

The DAV Kolstad Chapter "appreciates the donations we get from the public, and we will use the funds we get for them to help other veterans," Panula said. "Kolstad Chapter 23 of the Disabled American Veterans of Virginia wants to thank everyone for their support."

And he added this: "Please put the donated items in 13 gallon bags, because the big black bags are getting too heavy for the disabled veterans to handle. Thank you for your donations."

The clothing is taken to the Savers thrift stores in Duluth, with a portion of the proceeds going to the DAV. Proceeds from the clothing sales go to help Veterans on the Lake, Silver Bay Veterans Home, a yearly fishing trip for veterans on Lake Superior, gift cards for veterans and the St. Cloud VA Medical Center Christmas program.


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