Eveleth Golf Course goes for the pin with new menu

Eveleth Golf Course Manager John Rinne is shown at the course’s restaurant, which has expanded its menu and burger selection and is offering curbside delivery.

EVELETH — You don’t have to be a golfer — or have a hangover — to order up a specialty burger “straight from Vegas” at the Eveleth Golf Course.

Manager John Rinne has duplicated the famous Binion’s hangover burger from Binion’s Gambling Hall in downtown Las Vegas, a half-pound patty topped with two fried eggs, bacon, fried onions, and cheese.

It’s just one of many burgers served at the restaurant overlooking the golf course. There are now a number of new burgers — 11 in total — from which to choose.

And if you’re on the run, no problem.

The staff is all about catering to the “to-go” crowd, whether you order a burger or something else from the menu of appetizers, sandwiches, wings, wraps, and more.

Rinne even has a new service: Curbside pickup.

According to the updated menu: “Give us a yell on your cell — and we can have it ready for ya!”

And “we’ll walk it out to you,” Rinne said.

Ever since a fire in 2016 destroyed the K&B Drive-In along Highway 53, the Eveleth/Fayal Township area has been without a convenient, drive-in-style way to provide a fix for a burger and fries craving, he said.

Well, no longer.

“We are fans of call in your to-go order,” Rinne said.

A sign on the golf course’s eighth hole even encourages golfers to “give a yell” — and the food will be ready by the time they finish the ninth hole.

All burgers are half-pounders, Rinne notes, adding that customers often say they are “the biggest and best in the area.”

And you surely should come with an appetite, especially when ordering one of the newest burgers, the gyro. It’s “a half-pound patty with gyro meat, swiss cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato and cucumber sauce,” Rinne said. “People really like the gyro burger.”

The same goes for the grilled cheese burger — a thick patty served between two grilled cheese sandwiches. “It’s huge,” Rinne said.

He also has a new BLT burger — just as it sounds, topped with bacon, lettuce and tomato.

Rinne, who has worked as a cook during the winter season at area restaurants, said he added more burgers because that’s what most people order.

But he’s also expanded the menu with “new things to give people a variety,” including wraps and salads.

There’s a gyro wrap, and buffalo chicken, and chicken-bacon-ranch wraps.

Customers can also order a grilled chicken-bacon ranch sandwich, or a chicken sandwich prepared crispy or grilled.

The one-pound boneless wings have also been popular.

They are served with hot or mild wing sauce — or can be smothered in one of many specialty sauces, including garlic, parmesan, spicy hot garlic-parmesan, sweet chili, honey garlic, barbecue, bourbon, or “blazing inferno.”

The menu also features a selection of appetizers and snacks, such as chicken strips, grilled cheese, mac-n-cheese, mini mozzi sticks, ham-n-cheese balls, mini tacos, deep-fried ravioli, mini corndogs, onion petals, french fries, jumbo hot dogs, Polish, and “runty Reubens.”

“A lot of people really like the fries — they are coated french fries,” Rinne said.

Fraboni’s Sausage Kitchen of Hibbing is the restaurant’s supplier of meat products, and often the eatery features specials, such as Fraboni’s porketta.

“We have weekly specials,” Rinne said. And there are ongoing “kitchen specials,” such as a free sleeve of golf balls with the purchase of a menu item.

The restaurant also serves beer, wine and spirits.

Because it is open “dark to dark,” there are breakfast pizzas and sandwiches for the early crowd.

But back to the burgers.

Patrons can also select from the patty melt, the pizza burger, or the peanut butter and bacon burger.

There’s a “blue” burger, topped with bacon, fried onions, blue cheese, and swiss. And a “western” with bacon, cheese, barbecue sauce, and onion petals.

And for anyone with a hankering for a simple hamburger or cheeseburger — the restaurant has those, too.

“We have a good cook staff,” said Rinne, the head cook.

The eatery can accommodate large parties with reservations — or pick-up orders for businesses. “It’s a great place for groups to meet,” he said.

Customers can also sit on the deck, where there are tables with umbrellas and a retractable awning.

The golf course restaurant is an ideal place to relax on a summer day — or to swing by for curbside to-go, Rinne said.


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