Award-winning Tonic Sol-Fa to perform in Eveleth on Sept. 26

Award-winning Tonic Sol-fa will be performing Sept. 26 at the Eveleth Auditorium.

EVELETH — Emmy and Independent Grammy award winning singing group, Tonic Sol-Fa, will perform at the Eveleth Auditorium Thursday, Sept. 26.

“Our genre/style of music is a cappella,” said group member Jared Dove over email this week. “This means we don’t use any instrumentation outside of some light percussion on a few songs (non-pitch-giving).”

Tonic Sol-fa was formed at Central Minnesota’s St. John’s University. The group includes lead vocalist Shaun Johnson, tenor and vocal percussionist, Greg Bannwarth, baritone and percussionist/vocal percussionist, Theo Brown, and bass, Jared Dove. The all-male singing group has released 15 albums and have sold over 2 million copies.

“Eveleth has been on the schedule for some time,” explained Dove. “Unfortunately, we were forced to move the performance twice, once for weather and once for illness. We weren’t going to let anything stop us from getting to perform, and wanted to show our dedication to the concert as our patient and supportive fans held onto their tickets in anticipation for the reschedule.”

The group began breaking out before shows like “The Sing Off” and movies like “Pitch Perfect” made the artform more mainstream. “ ours was a more difficult road to convince the public that this style of music was, in fact, entertaining and relevant,” explained Dove.

But entertaining and relevant are the group’s performances.

“Our music/entertainment/performance is something to which you can bring the entire family,” said Dove, encouraging the community to come out to their Eveleth show. “Because we cover many different artists (in addition to our original songs), we are guaranteed to hit something everyone will recognize at some point. Too, we are not just about standing on stage and singing good music. We are as much about the entertainment quality, audience interaction, and making the concert an experience to remember well after we leave the stage.”

The group has made a name for itself and have made national appearances including in Newsweek, County Weekly and MediaStyle magazines, on NBC’s Today Show and the nationally syndicated radio show Steve & DC. In 2016, Tonic Sol-fa was inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame.

Each winter, they produce and perform an annual holiday tour in the Midwest as well as spring and summer concert tours throughout the United States.

“Tonic Sol-fa has released three television specials, which have aired over 1,800 times in 47 states and Canada,” states the group’s website. “The new PBS special will be shown through 2020, continuing to spread Tonic Sol-fa’s unique sound to an ever-growing audience. “

Tonic Sol-fa will perform at the Eveleth Auditorium on Thursday, Sept. 26 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online or at the door. This is a family-friendly event and everyone is invited. To learn more about Tonic Sol-fa, visit their website at, watch their videos on Youtube or like them on Facebook.


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