GRAND RAPIDS — Earlier this week, the Itasca County Attorney’s Office announced that 29-year-old Shakorey Shaunrae Wade of El Dorado, Arkansas had been sentenced to nearly eight years in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of first-degree sale of controlled substances.

The case was prosecuted by County Attorney Matti R. Adam, who told the court at sentencing that Wade was “a drug dealer who came to Grand Rapids for the specific purpose of selling heroin and methamphetamine in Itasca County communities,” according to the press release from Monday.

According to the complaint, the Itasca County Sheriff’s Office received information in February in connection from a “cooperating defendant,” or CD to an ongoing controlled substance investigation. The CD — who had previously assisted law enforcement after being convicted of two felony fifth-degree controlled substance charges — told authorities that individuals from Arkansas were bringing meth and heroin into the county and storing the weight at a Grand Rapids residence.

“CD explained that once the drugs are sold in Itasca County, cash is wired to various people in Arkansas and Louisiana and that he/she has wired five or six times and each time to a different person,” the complaint reads.

Later that month, the CD conducted a controlled buy. They would

provide officers with more than $5,000 in cash that was supposed to be wired to two different individuals in Louisiana and about 44 grams or meth and 14 grams of heroin.

In March, the CD conducted another controlled buy from Wade, who sold them 14.8 grams of heroin.

Authorities learned through the CD that Wade had plans to transport meth and heroin on a bus ride from Arkansas to Grand Rapids, and he could also mail about 2.2 pounds of meth to town here. A week later, law enforcement coordinated a plan to apprehend Wade while he rode a bus from Minneapolis to Grand Rapids and entered into a vehicle in town. They obtained a search warrant and found 84 grams of meth and 56 grams of heroin in the vehicle.

“In a mirandized statement, Wade admitted ownership of the backpack and contents,” the complaint reads. “He said that the methamphetamine and heroin were drugs that he brought to Itasca County from Arkansas.”

The price of one-half ounce of heroin could earn him $1,400, he said.

The Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines called for a prison sentence between 81 and 114 months. Adam asked the court to impose the top sentence.

The case was investigated by the Itasca County Sheriff’s Office and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.


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