Seven Ways to Trick a Troll

“Seven Ways to Trick a Troll” offers both stories and practical advice for dealing with trolls. The book tells seven stories of trolls and offers a special chapter on spotting a troll.

This oversized picture book is one to be read to small children or by older readers. The stories and illustrations will entertain readers and listeners of all ages.

“Seven Ways to Trick a Troll” is inspired by Norse legends which teach that trolls were among the first living things on Earth. In fact, the Earth is made from the body of Ymir, the father of all trolls.

Each of the seven stories teaches about weaknesses of trolls and how they can be defeated by humans. Although trolls vary in size and looks — some have six arms and heads while others only one or two — they all have small brains. Their brains are the size of walnuts, and even small children can trick them. It is important to learn how to trick them and remember not to be afraid because trolls hate humans.

In the good versus evil stories, trolls stand for all that is bad and evil. To defeat a troll the human must draw on what is good in humanity: courage, patience, intelligence, kindness, teamwork and moxie.

“On the surface this is an entertaining collection of stories,” reads the introduction, “but it’s equally a book that helps us discover that we have the tools to deal with difficult challenges in life.”

This is a splendid book. The stories are short, easy to read and entertaining. The pictures are magical and both together sweep you off to another place and time.

The art and stories are both inspired by Norway, but one does not need to be Norwegian or know much of trolls to enjoy them. “Seven Ways to Trick a Troll” brings the culture of Norway into your home.

As the holiday season is here, this would make a perfect gift for anyone. The book is full of short stories which keep the interest of readers and listeners of any attention span.

Illustrator Kari Vick recently posted photos on Facebook that she took on a trip to Norway which inspired the trolls in the book.

“They are everywhere!” she wrote. “One simply must know how to trick them!”

“Seven Ways to Trick a Troll” was written by Lise Lunge-Larsen and illustrated by Vick. It was published this fall by University of Minnesota Press and is sold across the area for $19.95. The hardcover book is 96 pages long with 40 colored illustrations.

The author and illustrator will be holding a book signing Saturday from 1-3 p.m. at the Siiviis Gallery in Duluth’s Canal Park. The books will are available for purchase at the Siiviis Gallery.


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