VIRGINIA — Mesabi Range College student Marissa Leecy will share her famous chocolate fudge and cheesecake truffles with the community on Valentine’s Day.

The homemade truffles, which achieve rave reviews from family and friends, will be among many sweet treats featured at the first-ever “Desserts Around the World Bake Off,” set for 10 a.m. Friday in the MRC Virginia campus commons.

Students in the college’s Multicultural Club, which launched this school year, will bake desserts from various cultures.

Community members, faculty and staff are invited to sample desserts and vote for a favorite.

Students, working in groups of two or three, will receive baking ingredients Monday for the grant-funded tasting event, said Sabrina Skeens, college counselor. There will be prizes for the best desserts.

She expects six to seven treats to be featured, including strawberry shortcake and cheesecake.

Some club members are making family recipes, Leecy said.

The bake-off “gives a face to us … its a great representation of students” and “the diversity of the student body,” Leecy added.

Besides, most everyone enjoys sweets, and Valentine’s Day is an appropriate day to indulge.

“It’s a fun event to bring all the students together. The students are getting excited,” Skeens said.

A food waiver must be signed, she noted.

Leecy said she often makes her famed truffles for family get-togethers. “It warms my heart that everyone loves them so much.”

And she is looking forward to sharing the love — via chocolate — with others.


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