CHISHOLM — A local snowmobile club is planning to invest in the construction of a new building in Chisholm.

Dan Marich, president of the Path Blazers snowmobile club, pitched a proposal at a meeting last week at a city council meeting, to purchase the city-owned Lot 5 in the Industrial Park for $1. The proposal included a $5,000 payment upfront, with the club to be refunded $4,999 once it receives a legal certificate of occupancy.

“We’re looking to invest in the long-term of this club,” Marich said at the meeting last week.

Chisholm Mayor John Champa supported the proposal and its potential for generating revenue on what now is a city-owned, grass covered lot. The Chisholm City Council voted unanimously to direct the city attorney to draft a purchase agreement.

Marich said the Path Blazars Club is currently storing two of its trail grooming machines at a business in Hibbing and a third that is stored at Side Lake. He explained that the club needs the new location for the two currently stored in Hibbing as the building is now for sale. The site in the Industrial Park is close to the snowmobile trail and appears to be a good fit, he noted.

The Path Blazers Club dates back to the 1960s and is a combination of the Hibbing Trail Blazers and the Path Finders Club of Chisholm. Marich said the merger was brought at the request of a state grant program. There are currently more than 90 members of the Path Blazers, according to Marich. The club is an all-volunteer group that grooms and maintains about 85-90 miles of snowmobile trails each year. Its service area includes Side Lake, Chisholm, Buhl through Hibbing to an area along the South Alborn Grade west on Highway 73.

In an effort to gain the council’s approval, Marich described the economic benefits his group has on Chisholm and nearby communities.

“We bring a lot through the community of Chisholm,” said Marich. “We want to make Chisholm our home.”

The proposed building is a 40x60 post on slab construction, with an estimated value of $60,000- $70,000, Marich said. There are plans to have it wired for electricity, but at this time, there are no plans to add water or sewer. The club isn’t opposed to adding water or sewer, but is looking to keep costs down.

Once the new building is completed, two trail grooming machines would be stored there year-round. The building will also provide a place to conduct maintenance and repairs on the machines as needed.


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