Dear members of the Minnesota Congressional delegation,

As Congress prepares to take up deliberation on the U.S.–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA), we urge you to support Minnesota and the United States in maintaining a free trade relationship with Canada and Mexico.

There is a clear correlation between growing exports and a growing economy. Through the Minnesota Chamber’s Grow Minnesota! Partnership, we conduct hundreds of business retention visits each year in

conjunction with local chambers of commerce and economic development organizations. Growth is stronger when businesses are involved in expanded trade.

Exports are increasingly important to the bottom lines of Minnesota companies and our North American neighbors are easily our largest export markets. In fact, Canada and Mexico buy more “made-in-America” manufactured goods than the next ten export markets combined.

A sampling of statistics underscores the value of North American trade: Minnesota exports $7.2 billion in goods to Canada and Mexico, representing 32 percent of the state’s total exports. This amount is more than China, Japan, Germany, Korea, and Singapore combined ($7.1 billion). For example, 51 percent of Minnesota’s total agriculture and agri-food exports go to Canada and Mexico. Minnesota exports nearly twice as much to Canada as it does its second largest market, China.

More than 250,200 Minnesota jobs depend on trade with Canada and Mexico. The North American trading relationship is the largest economic region in the world, with a regional market of more than 480 million consumers. USMCA enables our region to compete effectively against the European Union and China.

Trade is big business for Minnesota manufacturers. Manufactured goods — from medical products to iron and optics and electrical machinery — represent more than 90 percent of Minnesota exports. Findings from the Minnesota Chamber’s Grow Minnesota! Partnership demonstrate that manufacturers are nearly three times more likely to export goods than the state’s businesses as a whole.

New markets are critical to success against global competitors. Take food manufacturing, for example. Minnesota is the largest producer of turkey products in the United States and exports represent 15 percent of all sales of U.S. turkey products. Mexico and Canada are the first- and third-largest international buyers of Minnesota poultry products, respectively.

Global trade has generated substantial new opportunities for workers, farmers, consumers, and businesses across the nation. Now that the administration has sent final implementation language for USMCA to Capitol Hill, it is time for Congress to expeditiously approve the agreement prior to summer recess.

The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and businesses across Minnesota stand ready to share their stories about export opportunities and the positive impact exports have on our state’s economy.

We encourage your prompt support of USMCA as it is crucial to Minnesota’s future. We welcome an opportunity for you to hear directly from our business leaders back home about why USMCA is so important to Minnesota’s economic growth and quality of life which our diverse industries provide.

Thank you for your service to Minnesota and your consideration of this important matter.


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