Bringing on Rosas as the new president of basketball operations a good start for the Timberwolves

Remember how excited I was when the Minnesota Timberwolves brought in Tom Thibodeau to run the show?

I thought wow, finally some credibility. Here’s a guy who has won big as a head coach elsewhere and will improve the team’s horrible defense and get the most out of its young stars.

Yeah, that take was kind of embarrassing.

Gersson Rosas seems like a quality hire as the new President of Basketball Operations, another role Thibodeau was given but ill-suited for. Rosas seems knowledgeable, personable, and forward-thinking. He’s pretty much the anti-Thibs.

Rosas is also only two years older than I am, which is weird, but he’s got nearly two decades of experience in the NBA and has dabbled in pretty much every area of running an organization.

Daryl Morey in Houston gave Rosas an enthusiastic seal of approval, and his word carries weight. The Rockets have been one of the league’s most successful franchises for a long time.

With all that said, Rosas is taking the reins of a franchise many fans believe is cursed. Consider that in its entire existence, Minnesota has never once improved its position in the NBA draft lottery.

That run of bad luck continued this week when the Timberwolves dropped from their slotted position, 10th, down to 11th.

One of the biggest issues on Rosas’ agenda is what to do with Andrew Wiggins and his enormous contract. The popular opinion is that Rosas should just get rid of the disappointing Wiggins by any means necessary.

I don’t agree, though.

Rosas is saying, at least for now, that his best bet is to invest in Wiggins’ success. He’s right. If he traded Wiggins tomorrow, what would the return be? Probably another onerous contract tied to a player with less upside.

Yes, I still believe Wiggins has untapped potential. Whether it will ever be realized is another story, but the right course for now is to see if you can get him back on the right track. If you can, maybe you keep him or you strike while the iron is hot and trade him.

If you can’t, I guess you hold your nose and get whatever you can for him.

The Wolves still have a long way back to relevancy but bringing Gersson Rosas on board was a good start.


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