Good to hockey rivalry game, Bears staff

This week’s column is dedicated to Mr. Clifford Hoheisel of Babbitt.

Mr. Hoheisel passed away recently.

He served in the United States Air Force.

Thank you for your Service Mr. Hoheisel.

Rest in peace.


Clarence Cadeau


Last Saturday night was a great night of high school boys’ hockey.

The Eveleth-Gilbert/Mesabi East Golden Bears and the Virginia/MIB Blue Devils matched up at the historic Hippodrome.

All I can say is wow.

It was a nearly full arena and a well played game by both teams.

The Golden Bears picked up a 3-1 victory.

The thing that really stood out in the game was the way both goaltenders played.

Golden Bears netminder Noah Shuck kicked out 40 shots, while Blue Devils goalie Cam Kreibich saved 37.

It was great game played by both teams.

Great job Golden Bears and Blue Devils.

When is the rematch?


Finally, to Eveleth-Gilbert hockey coach Jeff Torrel and his staff for still making the trip up to Ely with a JV squad to play Ely.

I know some teams won’t schedule Ely anymore.

The lack of numbers and of course sickness and injuries makes it tough for Ely to even field a squad.

But didn’t stop the Golden Bears from making the trip and facing off with Ely.

With Injuries and sickness, Ely needed to borrow a few E-G players just to play a game.

From what I hear it was a great game by all players involved.

I hear that a seventh grader from Ely scored his first JV goal and the E-G players were right there to celebrate with him.

Great job Golden Bears staff and players.

That is class all the way.

Keep it up.



I know Joe Mauer was a good baseball player for the Twins but retire his number already?

The Twins announced that they will retire his number during a pre-game celebration next season.

A good player yes, but was he in the boat as Harmon Killebrew, Rod Carew, Tony Oliva, Kent Hrbek, Kirby Puckett, Bert Byleven, and Tom Kelly?

I don’t think so.

He did play 15 seasons for them and is the all time leader in doubles, but is that enough?

I just think its too soon to retire his number.



Now that LeBron is playing for the Lakers, do you hear much about him anymore?

You are not in Cleveland anymore LeBron.

Or is it that a lot of people just don’t watch the NBA anymore.

I know I don’t.

I watch some college hoops but NHL hockey is my sport in the winter.

You better pick it up ESPN.

People might forget LeBron.


The Good Bad and Ugly Carmen Figliola Trivia Challenge

The question last week was, “Which two NCAA college rootball teams play for the Sweet Sioux Tomahawk?”

25 readers knew it was Illinois and Northwestern.

The names were numbered and Chris Vito picked number 17, which was next to Ed DeRubis name.

Give this one a try.

“What’s the second event on Day 1 of the Men’s Decathlon?”

You have until Monday night to send in your guess.


That will do it for this week.

I would like to wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas.

We will talk soon.


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