‘Good’ to local high school ref Glumack

This week’s column is dedicated to Mr. Joseph Bernard of Clinton-Cherry Township.

He passed away recently.

Joseph was a Vietnam Veternan and a DAV with many medals for his service.

Thank you for your service, Mr. Bernard.

Rest in peace.


Clarence Cadeau


A big Good goes out this week to local sports official Babe Glumack, of Hibbing.

He was awarded a Distingushed Service Award from the Minnesota Athletic Administrators Association.

The award is given to only four officials in the State, for their service to the School and the community.

Anyone who goes to to High School basketball games, I know you have seen Babe out there on the court.

It is a well desereved award for the work that he has done and continues to do for his city.

Great job Babe.



Ok, I never thought that I would ever have to put my wife Michelle in the ‘Bad’ of my column.

But, I just have to this week.

We still have no live Sports on TV during the weekends and people are pretty much told to stay home.

So Michelle and I were home on Sunday, and were just going to have a quiet husband and wife day.

No sports on TV but guess what I found?

I found a “Rocky” movie marathon.

Yes, all five Rocky moves, 1-5.

We watched the first two movies and started the third.

She then told me that she had enough and was going to watch the TV in the bedroom.

There I was, all by myself watching the rest of the films.

Made me want to sing, “Gonna Fly Now.”

It’s OK, I watched all five movies.



Still no sports.

None on TV, none locally to watch, and none of them on the radio I could listen to.

I miss my sports.

Even if it was the NBA, which I can’t watch anymore.

I need my sports.

Please folks, get healthy and let’s get our sports back on TV.

I can’t watch anymore of “The Real Housewives of West Eveleth” on TV anymore.


The Good Bad and Ugly (Carmen Figliola) Trivia Challenge

The question last week was, “Former Wild coach Bruce Boudreau appeared in the movie Slap Shot wearing what number and what team was he playing for?”

Eighteen readers knew he wore number #7 and was playing for the Hyannisport Presidents.

My wife Michelle picked number 9, which made Mike Malevich a winner.

He win’s a pair of Fayal Fire Department Relief Association Annual Spaghetti Dinner tickets, donated by Curtis Schramm.

Great job Mike and thanks a ton Curtis for the donation.

Give this one a try folks.

“In the movie Rocky II, what was Rocky Balboa’s dogs name?”

You have until Monday night to send in your guess.


That will do it for this week.

I have to go figure what I can watch on TV next, since we are supposed to stay home.

Always remember folks, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.....Its Only Sports


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