‘Good’ to tonight’s hockey game

This week’s column is dedicated to Mr. Arnold William Suihkonen of Kinross.

He passed away recently.

Mr. Suihkonen served in the U.S. Army from 1953-1955.

Thank you for your service Mr. Suihkonen.

Rest in peace.


Clarence Cadeau


Tonight is a big night at the Hippodrome in Eveleth.

Not only does the Eveleth-Gilbert boys’ hockey team take on Virginia, but in between the second and third period, they will announce the new mascot, colors and name for the two school districts that are set to become one.

It is going to be a packed “Hipp.”

You better get there early folks.

It should be an exciting night of hockey in Eveleth.


How about the best shortstop in Yankees history, Derek Jeter, being voted in to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Jeter won five World Series titles, had 3,465 hits, scored 1,923 runs, and played 2,747 games.

He will be inducted on July 26.

A well deserved honor.



Did you happen to see the Kansas and Kansas State brawl break out at the end of their game on Tuesday night?

It started when Kansas player Silvio De Sousa blocked a DaJuan Gordon layup and then stood over Gordon and posed.

Both benches cleared and, at one point, De Sousa picked up a stool and held it over his head.

Are you kidding me?

Is this College Basketball or WWE wrestling?

Clean it up guys.



O.K., in the Good I talked about Derek Jeter being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Now I have a question.

Jeter being one of the greatest shortstop to play the game was going to be a no-brainer to get inducted.

There are 397 voters and how many votes did you think Jeter received?

Yup, 396.

One vote short of perfect.

That vote come out of a writer in Boston?

Jeter should have been a elected like his former teammate Mariano Rivera, a perfect 397 out of 397.

Whoever didn’t vote for Jeter, you should be ashamed of yourself.


The Good Bad and Ugly (Carmen Figliola) Trivia Challenge

The question last week was, “What is the diameter of the basketball hoop in inches?”

Sixteen readers knew it is 18 inches.

The names were numbered and my wife Michelle picked No. 10 which made Ed Cremers a winner.

Give this hockey question a try.

“Who, along with Virginia native Steve Carlson in his rookie season, is the only players to ever be on a team with both Gordie Howe and Wayne Gretzky?”

You have until Monday night to send in your guess.


That will do it for this week.

I have a week to figure out who is going to win the Super Bowl and what the score will be.

Either way, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff....Its Only Sports.


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