Good to Twins for impressive season

This week’s column is dedicated to Mr. Paul Marturano of Chisholm.

He passed away recently.

He served in the U.S. Army in the mid-’40s.

Thank you for your service Mr. Marturano.

Rest in peace.


Clarence Cadeau


This is a easy pair this week.

Great job to the Minnesota Twins for the season they are having.

The Twins lock up with the Yankees Friday.

That should be a fun series to watch.

Good luck Twins.


To the Chicago Bears, my team, for the way they played on Sunday, beating the Vikings.

I know there are a lot of Vikings fans who read this but all I can say is “sorry.” The Bears stepped up on defense and put on a clinic.

Better luck next time.

Good luck against the Giants this week.



How about that golfer who gave the fans a wave .... With his middle finger?

Korean PGA money leader Bio Kim has now been hit with a three-year suspension for making an obscene gesture at the crowd during the Gyeongbuk Open.

He made the gesture at spectators after hearing a noise from a cell phone camera as he teed off.

Wow is all I can say there.



What about the Beer seller at a Miami Dolphins game charging a fan $724 for two beers.

The team is bad enough and you want to punish a fan even more?

The 33-year old ran the customers credit card through a personal reader, placing the three-figure charge on the account.

He has now been charged with grand theft along with the use of a skimming device.

Welcome to a Dolphins home game.


The Good Bad and Ugly (Carmen Figliola) Trivia contest.

The question last week was, “In the men’s Decathlon, what is the second event on Day 1?”

Thirteen readers knew it was the Long Jump.

The names were numbered and my wife Michelle picked number 9, which made Steve Perko a winner.

Give this one a try.

“Who was the first Designated Hitter to hit a home run and when was it?”

You have until Monday night to send in your guess.


That will do it for this week.

Always remember folks.......Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.....Its Only Sports


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