With the entire country basically stuck in a coronavirus holding pattern, the NFL is the only major league sport not really up against any major deadlines or time constraints right now.

The NFL draft is still scheduled for the end of April, and then after that teams have got minicamps and OTAs (organized team activities). Training camp doesn’t start until the late July, so there’s hope that the upcoming season won’t be affected by this viral outbreak.

Based on the whirlwind of free agency activity of the past week, it would be a shame if fans don’t get to see how it all plays out this fall.

-- Tom Brady pulled a LeBron and announced that he’s taking his talents to Florida. Tampa, to be exact. Selfishly I wish he had at least stayed in the AFC because the NFC is already loaded with quality teams.

And while Brady might be in the twilight of his career I do think he still has enough left in the tank to make the Buccaneers relevant for the first time in a decade. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin give him weapons he didn’t have in New England.

-- Houston’s Bill O’Brien continues to prove why it’s a bad idea to try and be both head coach and general manager. Bill Belichick, he is not.

O’Brien traded away one of the NFL’s best wide receivers, DeAndre Hopkins, for a broken down running back and some draft picks. This was after O’Brien reportedly met with Hopkins and told him he didn’t like how much influence the receiver had in the locker room.

Houston got fleeced on this one and everyone knows it. Good for Hopkins, though. He still gets to play with a promising young quarterback in Kyler Murray and likely has a huge payday coming soon.

-- Did you think I forgot about Stefon Diggs?

Part of me is disappointed in trading away a legit No. 1 receiver, but the other part of me was happy to see Diggs’ winks and passive aggressiveness and deliberate vagueness on Twitter offloaded to Buffalo.

He wanted out, and that’s fine. Rick Spielman did well to get a package of draft picks in return, including a first rounder. This year’s wide receiver class is billed as one of the deepest in the last 10 or 15 years, so hopefully Spielman can find a suitable replacement.

I’m not really sure what Spielman’s doing otherwise. He signed Kirk Cousins to a two-year extension, released one of the team’s better offensive linemen (Josh Kline) and then sat back as half of last year’s starting defense got poached in free agency.

I’m good with saying goodbye to aging veterans, but as of now they’ve got massive holes to fill at wide receiver, cornerback and offensive guard. What’s the plan? Are they still trying to win with Cousins or are we in for some lean years ahead?

I’m incredibly interested to see who is in the starting lineup come Week 1 in September. I hope coronavirus doesn’t screw it up.


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