Confused? I am sure you are since the “vote” isn’t scheduled until May. I better start at the beginning and work up to the above statement that will hopefully be made by a majority of the people for the future of area education.

We moved to Alexandria, MN, in 2005, after living in ISD 706 area for 40 years. Our daughter attended Virginia

High School graduating in 1992. She received an excellent education, but the buildings were old at that time and I am sure have not improved over the ensuing years. I am not as familiar with the Eveleth/Gilbert buildings, but they seemed to be much the same as Virginia schools.

The Alexandria district includes the small towns of Garfield, Carlos, Miltona, Leaf Valley and Nelson. Years ago,

there were several small country schools located in these town/township areas. The schools ended with the 8th grade. The Douglas County High School located in Alexandria provided the last four years of high school. Since this is a agricultural area, some students finished their last years of school at the district and some went directly into

farming historically. Currently there are elementary schools located in Garfield, Carlos and Miltona. They mainly

serve the students of that area but are available for other students, too. Junior and Senior High Schools are located in Alexandria.

Shortly after our relocation, we started hearing about the poor condition of the Jefferson High School that replaced

the old Central School formerly the Douglas County High School. Not an old building, but nevertheless, had issues that would be expensive to remedy.

Moving right along, talk began for a new Alexandria Area High School on a large campus of donated land on the

edge of Alexandria instead of within the town. This would be an Academic model with ample area for athletic fields,

parking lots and an auditorium for the community as well as ample classroom space. Alexandria was at about the same phase that Virginia and Eveleth/Gilbert are right now. Time passed, the vote was taken and the new school opened in 2014. I do not have any family that live in this area but felt for the future of our young people I would vote YES and I did.

I recall a contingency of Virginia/Eveleth/Gilbert administrators, teachers and citizens touring the Alexandria facility some time ago. I don’t know if your model is similar to ours, but possibly. If interested, you may check us out at to view what has happened since 2014. Being an Academy Model it offers many Career Opportunities to explore.

A statement you will see on the site is “Rich Tradition – Bright Future.”

What more can we give to the young people

of today to begin building for their futures. So again, I encourage you to listen, learn, discuss, think and whatever else to help you decide your vote for the future of the Virginia and Eveleth/Gilbert schools. Looking hope you will consider voting YES!!!


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