As an avid reader enjoying several newspapers, I often clip columns that I like and also ones that I don’t like. Jesse White’s political columns are among the ones I don’t like.

His — blind to anything negative — approval of Trump, a morally-corrupt pathological liar, is bad enough, but his snarky comments profiling Democrats are too much. My subscription to the MDN recently came due, triggering me to retrieve some of his past columns.

One paragraph in his May 17th, 2019 column was enough to cause me not to renew. Regarding a bill that Bernie Sanders introduced to limit interest rates on credit cards, Jesse stated, “That’s good news for all those people who like to charge new televisions and subwoofers to their Visas.”

Whoa, Jesse! Are you implying that only the Democrats maintain balances on their credit cards? Or that all Republicans are fiscally responsible?

I’m a Democrat. Unlike Trump, I pay my bills and have never stiffed a contractor or declared bankruptcy. Among the things I have used a credit card for (and horrors, carried a balance on) are non-reimbursable medical expenses and a funeral.

Jesse’s biased praise of Trump and Republicans are not worthy of a factual newspaper. He would be better suited to write for Breitbart or perhaps to get a job as a “conversion therapist” for the Republican Party.

Jesse can rest assured I won’t be using my credit card for him to use this newspaper for his offensive political voice.


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