I would like to express my disappointment and dismay with the way the Eveleth/Gilbert School Board and the school administration handled the recent referendum election.

I can’t imagine why they limited our voting to just two cities, plus shorter voting hours. IT MAKES A PERSON WONDER IF THEY HAD A HIDDEN AGENDA.

Virginia was able to have all their voting places open and stuck to traditional voting times.

Our School Board had to realize that there would be a large voter turnout.

A lot of money was spent on half and full page newspaper ads and laminated flyers sent to homes, so why skimp on the election?

The Fayal Town Hall, Leonidas City Hall, Clinton Town Hall, and The McKinley City Hall should have been chosen as voting places also.

Many voters were not familiar with the location of the Eveleth Auditorium and some even went to the High School Auditorium.

Some people gave up voting because of the long slow lines and confusion of the location.

I have very little confidence in these people leading the way for constructing new school buildings.

Mr. Carey stated this voting problem will not happen again. We will wait and see, but I wouldn’t bet on it. It is too late for Eveleth/Gilbert voters.

David B. Hamalainen



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