Another 4th of July has come and gone and has left with us many warm memories of relaxing and enjoyable times with friends and families. We all look forward to good food, entertaining music, parades or time at the lake. Yes, Independence Day is all these things to us, but it is so much more.

Maybe you took note of the veterans marching in these parades. Good for you if you stood at attention and took your hat off to honor them as they passed by. It is because of them - and thousands of others before them - that we have the freedom to come and go and enjoy all the things we did this holiday and throughout the rest of the year. Some with a limp traced back to their service, others bowed a bit with age, but they still stand proud and tall, just as they rightly should.

Maybe it would make more sense to put these heroes out in the front to lead the parade, instead of the local cops in their shiny new squad car. These veterans have weathered all sorts of adversities - hunger, hostile environmental conditions, bullets, bombs and throngs of deranged enemies, all bent on annihilating them. They probably could make it down Main Street just fine, even with a few four year olds scooting around, without the local police sashaying down the road in front of them.

But this is just a goofy side note of some of the subtle ways our freedoms, priorities, and opportunities in the greatest nation on earth are being quietly subverted. Many others are far more flagrant.

Take, for example, the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park, whose City Council last month voted unanimously to drop reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at their council meetings. They cited concerns that our traditional Pledge might intimidate newer residents and they “want to be more inclusive to new residents and non-citizens.” Then they lamely added, “We believe our citizens will understand.”

Well, no … I DON’T understand! I can only imagine the reaction of many of the generation before me who I learned a thing or two from. They didn’t take kindly to weasels in the hen house and had a way of getting the attention of limpid invertebrates like these by rattling a few noggins together.

This is really cool, isn’t it? The freedom and prosperity we enjoy today didn’t just fall from the sky and land in our lap; it was by blood, sweat and tears and unbelievable sacrifice that our forefathers wrested our independence from the grip of monarchs, and generations of Americans have since defended our liberties from dictators and tyrants of all stripes. And anyone who lives here best get with the program to be an American too - think American, speak American and act like an American. If their fragile psyche has to blush when they hear our Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and the ideals of this great country, then they can just keep trucking right back across the border the other way and set up shop in a mud hut where life is good and they don’t have to be embarrassed.

I have had the privilege to be a township official for going on 30 years now, and I have to say that every single meeting I have attended during this time - be it local, county, or statewide - has opened with our Pledge of Allegiance. And as God is our witness, may that never change. I hear there are other city councils across the state who also have dropped our Pledge from their agenda. Could it be some nefarious virus that is inflicting this mental defect that these council officials would choose to bow to ‘political sensibilities’ rather than honor and defend this country they were elected to serve? Apparently they’re even too dumb to resign.

To get a whiff of a real stench, though, you have to move up to the national level. Did you have the misfortune to watch the recent Presidential Primary debates? Wow, it was worse than a bad case of the flu. I almost had to puke every three minutes.

To start with, the basic premise of their operations is 180 degrees off. We’ve been hearing for years now from the political elite how that all people are the same, all countries are equal and all religions are just as good. Evidently this whole conglomeration of intellectuals has swallowed this drivel - hook, line, and sinker - though recent history has completely refuted this goofy notion.

What have we been hearing about daily in the news for weeks now? Why, immigration, of course. Illegal aliens by the droves have been swarming across our borders like a migration of lemmings. Our border facilities are overwhelmed and bursting at the seams. There’s nowhere to put any more of these migrants, even if they stack them up. Our President has been blowing the whistle on this crisis for months now, and he can’t even get a yawn out of the lethargic corpses in Congress. Overcrowding, medical services stretched thin, basic services in short supply - did anyone think it was going to be any different when 10 times the number of people come pouring in than there is room for? If 100 kids from down the road and across the country came barging into YOUR house, how well could you take care of them?

Then we have weirdoes like Nancy Pelosi who continues to rant about the “rights” of all these illegal aliens. Wait a minute, what is wrong with this woman? Has it ever dawned on her feeble mind that our Constitution guarantees the rights to American citizens - not the whole world? But they want to come here! Well, big deal! So I want a new car; the local dealer has lots of new cars - now is he obligated to give me a new car just because I want one? Sorry, but it doesn’t work this way anywhere on earth - well, except in Washington. The intellectual skeletons there are tripping allover themselves to give all these illegal aliens citizenship, free health care and schooling, and a drivers license - when many of our OWN CITIZENS don’t have health insurance, and right here in Minnesota, young drivers (American citizens, at that ) who have every “right” to obtain a drivers license have to wait up to four months or longer just to get scheduled for a road test. Yet, every day on the news hour, we’re flooded with stories and images of the poor migrants’ plight and the difficulties they must endure.

I have a solution to this problem: STAY HOME! If all countries and governments are the same and all religions are equal, someone better sit down and explain this to all these illegal aliens. Something isn’t adding up. Why on earth would they all be risking life and limb to come here if life is so good back home? Or, in how many countries do you see Americans who are searching for a better life stampeding across their borders and demanding citizenship, schools, healthcare and all the rest? Amazing as it is, the simpletons in Washington can’t seem to grasp this. They’re more interested in sticking broom handles in the spokes of everything President Trump has suggested to alleviate this crisis. They have now been yelling for $4.6 billion for humanitarian aid for these migrants. And after that runs out, what’s next - another $4.6 billion, and another one after that? Where’s the end? Seems like it would be a lot cheaper to spend the $5 billion our president requested for a wall and other border security in the first place.

Our border crisis is prima-facie evidence that our United States stands head and shoulders above the rest of the world. Even with our faults, we have a country whose prosperity, freedoms and opportunities are the envy all around the globe. And this didn’t happen by accident. We have a constitution, a government, and a way of life built upon better principles and ideals than much of the rest of the world where workers earn a dollar a day or less, human rights are nonexistent, women are treated as chattel, genocide is rampant and corruption in government is off the charts. Has it not served us well to have formed a government that respects and honors the people - a mirror reflection of ideals set forth in the Holy Scriptures of a wise and omnipotent God who loves the people and holds them in such high regard that He gave His life for them so their faults could be wiped clean? We have been blessed beyond measure by a mighty God above and leaders who acknowledge His worthy principles.

What a sad state of affairs that we have leaders from our local councils all the way up to those clamoring to be President who continue to apologize for being American, for having a great country and a great God - with the attendant freedoms and prosperity. The actions of those who shun our heritage and traditions and stand in deference to a bunch of illegal aliens falls somewhere between dereliction of duty and treason. It’s time to call a spade a spade. And it’s time for our leaders to stand up for Americans. Who will defend them? Who will support them? It looks like there is a bit of work to do… starting right now would not be too soon to begin.

Jim Hofsommer is the chairman of Colvin Town Board from Markham


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