Did you hear that? It was the other shoe dropping before my editor even looked at my last column.

Did you hear that? It was my stomach splating on my tennis shoes.

I had a good walk last night. Just now, while home for lunch, Jerry and I learned that Gov. Tim Walz will be announcing a Stay-at-Home order.

Stay at Home is set to begin Friday night and last for at least two weeks. Kids won’t go back to school until May 4, if at all this year.

As I watched his press conference I had to stop taking notes a few times to catch my panic. After hours of transcribing the press conference, I still feel sick. My nausea has ebbed and flowed.

Looking back, I would say about 3:45 p.m. is when I was most out of my head — in a good way. That was when Shannon and Mick were seated on my bed and we discussed not hitting each other. We recognized that we were all a little growly due to the news and our actions and reactions were coming out sideways.

Just as I started to encourage them to discuss how to prevent that and do self care, these squirrels went nuts. Mama Bear turned into a dragon. I yelled and sent them each to their room for 30 minutes.

Being that their rooms share a wall, they think it’s funny to talk through the vent.

Finally after a few minutes, things calmed down and I had almost 30 minutes of uninterrupted transcription time.

Less than a minute back out of their rooms I had banished them to different parts of the house. I explained they were still growly and needed space from each other.

“But she is the only one I have to talk to!” Mick whined.

I love that even when sick of each other, they would still rather be together than apart!

The first time hearing the governor's announcement was scary. My emotional brain took over. I wanted to run next door and hide under my neighbor’s table. The second time through I went very slow and the 30-minute video took several hours to complete. This allowed me time to process each piece of information and data while transcribing.

The frequent pauses took the noise away. I typed the words, considered the words and proofread. Each of these tiny breaks gave my logical brain time to kick in and understand what is going on, why and what to expect in our future.

Sure, every now and then my emotional brain would scream (like when considering arenas turning into hospitals!) but then my logical brain would explain (there will be a lot of sick people and we need to prepare for them.)

This is scary. The future Walz showed to us is scary. But the Stay-at-Home order helps us delay transmission of the virus and buy time to prepare for the wave of illness to come.

This does not create a cure or vaccine. Once we start interacting again, after we no longer are to stay at home, the same spike in cases will occur. The goal is that, during that bought time, we are able to prepare- equipment-wise if not mentally.

I’ve seen stadiums and arenas turned into hospitals on TV. I’ve never experienced one and I’ve never wanted to.

This brings me memories of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. My dad was deployed there through FEMA. That was a disaster, there was immediate response and long recovery.

As I see that play out in my head, like a compilation of news clips and photos, I see health care workers and first responders. I see my dad, the FEMA guy, standing next to a member of the National Guard and community volunteers.

While watching this internal film, I push away the bad stories and focus on the good. Don’t focus on the crime in the Superdome. Think about the nation stepping up to help in any way they could.

Soon enough, we will all have first hand experience with hospitals set up in non traditional locations. We will see healthcare workers, first responders, the National Guard and volunteers and maybe, a FEMA guy. Those are the good guys who are going to help us get through this, safe and healthy!

I’m not as scared once I am able to visualize and prepare to experience what will come.


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