Replacing a legend like Tom Rukavina is impossible, but St. Louis County 4th District voters can find their next champion this November in Paul McDonald.

I first met Paul as one of the hundreds of teenagers who attended his basketball camps at Vermilion Community College. As an educator and coach, Paul treated us like young adults and pushed us to improve our skills and grow as both players and people.

Those camps were just one example of how Paul has pulled people together and invested in the youth of the Northland for many years.

Paul has demonstrated over his career that he’s an excellent teacher, communicator, and just a great guy to be around.

As an elected official, I have little doubt that he’ll remain the same. He’s down to earth, approachable, and focused on the right issues. His advocacy for economic development and mental health, in addition to core County services, is refreshing. No doubt there will be many challenges for him to tackle, but as someone who coached, taught, refereed, and served as an athletic director, Paul has proven he knows how to multi-task and build relationships across the region.

On November 6th, please vote and support Paul McDonald as your next 4th District St. Louis County Commissioner.

Arik is a native of the 4th District (Aurora) and serves as a city councilor in Duluth.


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