Orchids: A locomotive load of orchids to the wonderful people at the 4th of July parade in Eveleth. Your respect showered on me was greatly appreciated and will be remembered for a long, long time. The tears filled my eyes- Some for the many shipmates who gave their lives or were wounded. I want to thank each and every one of you. A special thank you to Jim and Bonnie Keller.

P.S. Anyone I didn’t acknowledge, please forgive me. I salute the youngsters that removed their caps and held their hands over their hearts (Submitted by Frank Rosati, World War II Vet)

Orchids: A big thank you to the Virginia Parks and Recreation Department. Before 7 a.m. they were out here with the city truck and loader. A large tree had been uprooted. Two city employees cleaned up all the debris and patched up my lawn. I met Brian Silber, the head of the department.

Orchids: The vehicles one can view on 5th Avenue South in Virginia are very nice!

Orchids: A pickup full of orchids to Jesse White! His contributions to the Mesabi Daily News, whether covering sports, outdoor activities or other items of local interest are always informative and well written. In particular, we find his editorials and commentaries to be uniformly “spot on.” They should be required reading for legislators in St. Paul and D.C. who continually fail to understand the viewpoint of their “outstate” constituents.

Orchids: It is great to read that the Virginia and Eveleth-Gilbert school officials are starting to focus in on what is going to be constructed at the new high school complex. Make sure that spaces for the academies of business and retail, health career, food occupations and industrial and manufacturing are planned for. It was promised many times that they were part of the master plan.

Orchids: A bushel of orchids to area Shortstops and their customers for letting us put up donation jugs and donating to “Help Mandi.” Rangers are the best! Thank you all very much!

Orchids: Orchids to the Aurora Public Works crew. Great job all year round but especially before, during and after the 4th of July festivities. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Orchids: Orchids to the area miners. Good job mining! (Submitted by 5th grader, Michael Burnes)

Onions: We just returned from six days at the Soudan Underground Mine State Campground. I was so disappointed. None of the camp sites allow you to view Lake Vermillion or see the sunset on the lake. Besides your camp fee, there is the $35 sticker for State Parks. Also, your boat is also considered a vehicle, so it needs a sticker.

There’s a $19 charge to use the boat launch. The children have no beach, sandbox or anything. For young families that can’t afford a boat, there’s absolutely no lake experience there.

Face it, the people there designed it to make park income without sharing the lake. How pathetic! I give it a D-.

The outhouses and showers were nice. A daily fee of $6 per bonfire should be added upfront, so the public knows what they’re paying for ahead of time. The Range can do better! (Submitted by Teresa Allen)


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