Orchids: A huge bunch of ORCHIDS from the 5th Graders at Nelle Shean Elementary in Gilbert. Thank you to all parents, staff, and community members who supported our Homecoming Burger Bash. Proceeds will go towards our tuition to attend our 3 day/2 night Science camp at the Laurentian Environmental Center in May. We want to thank the wonderful businesses who generously support us and help keep our costs down: Eveleth IGA, Ely Lake & Eveleth Short Stops, and Eveleth Subway.

Orchids: To the U.S. Senate for voting to send Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh will be a great Supreme Court Justice and based on his past rulings and opinions, he will be a strong defender of the Second Amendment and personal, private firearms ownership.

Onions: To Democrat Amy Klobuchar for insinuating Kavanaugh is an alcoholic. Klobuchar’s father was a drunk and it was evident in his writings in the Minneapolis RedStar about the BWCA. He turned his back on his hometown of Ely and wears the label of a turncoat. Klobuchar has no respect, nor do the other Democrats on the Judiciary Committee, as they destroyed Justice Kavanaugh’s life and that of his family. Shame, shame, shame on you. (Submitted by Jimmy Saranpaa)

Orchids: To Dr. Riess, Orchids to Dr. Riess, Dr. Pemmaraju, and the entire surgical staff at Essentia Health Virginia. It was just another day for you (a day like you do for so many people), but each of you made me feel safe, calm, and well cared for during my recent procedure in the OR. Thank you for all you do for our community.

Orchids: A red truck full to the Virginia Fire Department for their wonderful 125th anniversary celebration. All ages from infants to seniors citizens had a great time. Fund to watch the kids climb around the trucks and hold a working water hose with help from a firefighter. Excellent turnout on a cold rainy day. Obviously we citizens are proud of our fire department. And the tacos in a bag were delicious. (Submitted by Matt and Carol Raukar)

Orchids: To a gentleman in Hoyt Lakes who aired up my tires and wouldn’t charge for his help. I will try to pass it forward.

Orchids: To the medical assistance program in our state that offers Medicaid information in 15 different languages. However the state does omit the following: Swedish, Finnish, Norsk, Danish, Italian, French and other European languages.

Orchids: To the city of Eveleth and the police department for allowing me to park my RV and boat on the street all summer without moving it. All of us “toy” owners appreciate it. This is one of the only cities to do this.

Orchids: Most candidates for Mountain Iron-Buhl School Board and Mountain Iron mayor and council are out in full swing. It is very much appreciated that some candidates campaign door-to-door. One gets to meet them and talk face to face. It also show they are the ones with the initiative to really get the job done for us.

Orchids: A truck load of Orchids to the Virginia Police Department and first responders, doctors and nurses and special nurse. Jill at Essentia hospital for the great care and response in the loss of our dear angel Jaxon Braun. Sincere thanks from the Braun family, Sell family and all the grandparents and friends.

Orchids: Orchids to the Isaacson family and their customers at Range Carpet in Virginia. Thank you for generously donating several bags of school supplies this fall. Your thoughtful donations have helped ensure that our students are prepared for a successful school year. Thank you very much! (Submitted by Roosevelt Elementary School teachers)

Orchids: To the staff at Dollar Tree. They are always helpful, know the stock and show good work ethic. A great store.

Orchids: To Super One Foods where postage stamps are available and there is a mailbox drop. A real convenience especially to senior citizens.


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