Orchids: To Sue and the staff at the Gilbert Library. They are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They go above and beyond to help with whatever you need to find; never too busy to help. They plan interesting and fun activities for adults as well as children. Also orchids to the party that contributed all the Danielle Steel books to the last book sale. I am enjoying them just as much as I’m sure you did.

Orchids: May of them to Jeff Collie, owner and master electrician of Nelson-Collie Electric. Doing something stupid I tripped a breaker and knocked out one-third of the necessary electric to our home, including the thermostat for steam heat. The house temp dropped to 49 degrees. The next day I called Jeff and he had everything back on in 15 minutes. He gave me a lesson in electrical safety — all with a winning smile. A warm hom and working Minnesota Public Radio is a blessing! (Submitted by Carol Rukar).

Orchids: A big bunch of Orchids to the individual who plowed our driveway off of Iron Jct. Road on Friday, Dec. 28 while we attended a funeral

Orchids: To the two young men at CarQuest in Mountain Iron. I went to the CarQuest at 6:45 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 2. I needed a wire harness adapter for my Ice Castle to connect to my older model truck. They don’t make one for it, but these guys told me to “McGiver” one with the pants they sell. Then they went on to actually make it for me right in the store. All this was done while the clock ticking past their closing time. I didn’t feel rushed and the adapter worked perfect when I got home. Thanks much guys! Great job.

Orchids: In regard to the front page story in the Dec. 29 Mesabi Daily News about our area animal shelters. When pet food is on sale, I pick some up and bring it to a shelter. If one has the time, you can take a shelter dog for a walk. The cast love to be played with. The Virginia shelter takes aluminum cans. A big thank you to the Mesabi Humane Society in Virginia, the Range Regional Animal Rescue in Hibbing and the Precious Paws Humane Society in Chisholm for all the great work that they do.

Orchids: Many beautiful orchids to the wonderful volunteers who helped run the Mesabi East Invite - Nordic Race at Giants Ridge last Saturday. What a great crew of parents, skiers, Mt Hosts, Nordic Volunteers, GR workers and Ski Patrollers. Over 900 Nordic skiers got to enjoy the beautiful day and ski course that has natural snow. It is indeed a treat to work with such fun and professional people. Thank you to all the volunteers and workers!! (Submitted by Deb Maki)

Orchids: And salud to the Sons of Italy for the wonderful Christmas party Dec. 14 at the Virginia Servicemen's Club. The food, the wine, the gifts, the camaraderie -- eccellente!

Orchids: Many thanks to the person who paid for the gas in my car Dec. 14 at the Virginia Holiday Station. (Submitted by Jim Wilson, Vietnam vet and past state commander of the DAV.)

Orchids: To Mountain Iron Fire Chief Gerry Knapper for his letter to the editor in the Sunday, Jan. 6, Mesabi Daily News regarding the Virginia fire chief's comments in a KBJR television interview suggesting the Virginia Fire Department is better than other area departments. Chief Knapper, your point was very well-stated.

Orchids: Tto the "gang" at Frank's Tire and Muffler in Gilbert. What a great small town business. My son brought his vehicle in for a little muffler repair, something that the guys could probably do with their eyes closed. They didn't charge him a penny, sent him on his way. Where else could you get this great of service? Thank you Frank, Bruce and the guys, from a very thankful Mom.

Onions: To 8th Dist. Representative Stauber for obediently following Trump down the border wall rabbit hole. Does Stauber still think that the Mexicans are going to pay for it? My, my, what an enlightened Representative we now have in Congress. Right out of the 12th century.

Please tell us peasants, Mr. Stauber, who you are going to tax for the wall? Our children and grandchildren? You should be prepared to answer that question. The total wall estimates are running from $25 to $70 billion dollars. And that doesn't include the legal costs of obtaining eminent domain from thousands of irate landowners. Don't take the rest of us down your rabbit hole. (Submitted by Lee Peterson)


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