Orchids: To the Mesabi Daily News for publishing such a well-rounded newspaper. There is something for everyone in every issue. Keep up the fine work.

Onions: To Mountain Iron. I want to replace my house deck with one of a different style. A land survey is required, $350. I need a variance, $150. I need a permit that includes two inspections and a plan review, $120. $620 spent and I haven’t even bought any building materials yet!

Onions: A Mountain Iron-Buhl Junior-Senior Prom with 10th graders and up to 21 year olds included being allowed to attend. 21 year olds? What was the School Board thinking about when they allowed this to happen? Trouble is coming!

Onions: To the Mountain Iron-Buhl P.E. program at Merritt Elementary. It is nothing more than glorified recess time! I’m tired of my kids not wanting to go to school because of it. Plus, paying a teacher to supervise that is a waste of our taxpayer dollars! Wake up School Board members!

Orchids: This is just a quick note to explain the correct pronunciation of the name Rouchleau Mine. It is pronounced “Rosh Low” not “Rish Lew.” I worked in that mine, with several hundred folks for more than 20 years, and we all called it the “Rosh Low” (Rouchleau Mine). Thank you, Mesabi Daily News.

Onions: To the Mountain Iron-Buhl School Board for the rude, impersonable “leadership” in your school. No wonder you have bullying problems in your district. Orchids to the teachers who do a wonderful job with our kids in spite of that. Thank you, teachers!

Onions: To the senators and state representatives. They want to raise taxes on income and more sales taxes so they can justify their 30 percent pay increase. We working class people are lucky when we get a 2% pay raise. What about the senior citizens - they don’t get a raise. The only raise they get is the raise in paying more taxes on the things they purchase. How else is the government going to pay for the one billion Viking stadium, just more taxes on us! Their lottery fell flat on its face, so now it is up to taxpayers to foot the bill. Dayton and the others promised no new taxes and no taxes would pay for the Viking stadium.

Orchids: To the gentleman and property owners and 4-H who keep Old 169 roadways clean. Give them a break and keep it clean.

Orchids: To the Virginia’s Roosevelt PTSA. Thank You to the awesome Roosevelt PTSA for their support of the teachers and students at Roosevelt Elementary School. The Roosevelt PTSA does such a great job, year after year, in providing needs and extras for the staff and students.

Orchids: To the DFLers for jacking the price of gas up about $1 a gallon in the last month. That should put a crimp in gay and lesbian honeymoons. By August, when the 5-cent-a-gallon tax increase goes on, combined with $1 increases a month, gas should be about $7-$8 a gallon. (Submitted by Greg Knutson, Hoyt Lakes.)

Onions: To the guy in the older blue car, in the Target parking lot, who was yelling and swearing at me because I didn’t put my cart back in the rack. You obviously have a serious mental problem. Either you have a fetish about carts or were looking for a fight. Just because I’m a senior citizen and may look to be an easy target, I think you’d better realize that it’s because of people like you that people like me carry guns for protection.

Orchids: To the United States for being the most generous country ever on the face of the earth. Over the decades, the United States of America has been the most giving and charitable nation in the world. Our country has helped in every major disaster worldwide and even helped rebuild Germany and Japan after WWII. We sent billions of dollars to a country like Haiti after their devastating earthquake a few years ago. Watching the unbelievable and hard to look at destruction now down in Oklahoma from the tornadoes, it got me thinking. Where is the help from our foreign “friends?” When has any country ever come to our aid for disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and more recently Islamic terrorist attacks? We have tons of problems in our country that need fixing. Friendship is supposed to be a two-way street. Maybe it is time to take care of ourselves and let the other parts of the world take care of themselves. No one helps us ... so let’s do what we have to do! What kind of dent could we put into our national debt if we just quit giving billions away to foreign countries, many of whom hate us anyway? God helps those who help themselves ... it is time for the United States to do a better job of helping itself! We need to clean up our own backyard first and quit worrying about the neighbors!

Onions: To the City of Kinney, the County Board and the 7th District county commissioner: According to 2011 Minnesota Statute 180.03 Duties, Subdivision 1 — Inspections and Subdivision 2 — Fences, when mining operations cease, a fence or barrier shall be erected and be inspected routinely for public safety. Specifically, the fence should be in place to prevent all persons (including children) and domestic animals from accidently falling into any such shaft, open pit, or cave. The City of Kinney is in violation of this statute. Last fall, part of the fence was again taken down to push snow into the pit. Now, we are approaching summer and the fence is still down. Kinney has already had three children who all drowned, either in the pit or in an undergrond cave-in. Isn’t it time Commissioner Raukar follows the statute and put the fence back up?

Orchids: Bouquets of them to Scott Haas, Bretta Albrecht, Mike Hultman, Danae and Scott Beaudette, John Stanaway, Kari Salo, Jamie Lindseth, Chris Erickson, Melissa Lautigar, Melanie Pionk, Janelle Sundstrom and Chelsea Trucano for taking the time to chaperone our three-day/two-night stay at the Laurentian Environmental Center. Without you, our wonderful experience would not have been possible. Thank you so much! Orchids to the Laurentian Environmental Center for providing such an incredible program just 20 minutes away. (Submitted by the Nelle Shean Elementary 5th graders and their teachers, Kristy Hill, Laurie Oates, Andrea Rosenberg, and Sharon Jensen.)

Orchids: To Al Zupancich, owner of Eveleth Country Foods IGA, for providing us a complimentary chicken dinner with all the trimmings for our annual installation of officers. Al is gracious and generous to all of his loyal customers. It is much appreciated. (Submitted by the Gilbert VFW and Auxiliary.)


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