According to a recent story in the USA Today a bunch of people in this country are stressed out over the 2020 presidential election.

Well no kidding.

Between the constant ringing of the bad news bell on every cable news network 24 hours a day and in print news media, and the hateful and combative nature of social media, it’s no wonder people are losing sleep.

Perhaps the most unsettling part is the behavior of this crop of Democrats – the way they have spent nearly three years doing nothing but going after the president (whether right or wrong) – means that once one of their own gets elected the Republicans are going to give it back twice as bad.

So we have that to look forward to as well.

Meanwhile, people out in the real world – you and me and our neighbors – we are busy fighting with each other and even ending long-term relationships with lifelong friends over fake news and political mudslinging taken to the next level.

That raises the stress level even further.

I would guess some people believe the answer to alleviating that sinking feeling is a new head honcho in Washington D.C. and in their minds that will lead to flowers and blue skies and maybe even a few unicorns and cotton candy that grows on trees.

Good luck with that one.

In the end, Donald Trump will come, and Donald Trump will go and then we will have some other bozo in the top office and half the people will hate him or her and the other half will think they are wonderful.

It’s the same old story every election year. People get all amped up for no real reason, feeling like if their choice doesn’t get the nod, the world is going to end.

According to the annual “Stress in America” survey from the American Psychological Association, 56 percent of U.S. adults identified 2020 as a “significant" stressor.

That is just a four percent increase from the 2016 matchup between Trump and Hillary Clinton, when respondents were asked the same question just three months before the election, and 52 percent of adults reported that the presidential election was incredibly stressful.

I don’t know how you measure a four percent increase in stress amongst Americans but let’s be honest, no matter how you do a poll or survey - or what silly math and scientific equations you use to do it - the results should be taken with a grain of salt.

For example, according to the survey, the topic of the upcoming election is proving to be more stressful for survey respondents who identified as Democrats, compared to those who identified as Republicans, by nearly 25 really.

Again, no kidding. I could have told you that. Hard-core liberals dislike conservatives and hard-core conservatives dislike liberals.

I believe the rest of us – the middle of the roaders - ebb and flow depending on how we feel about any given candidate.

According to the survey, besides the heated back and forth between the two warring political parties destroying the fabric of our county, other headlining news are also bringing a great deal of stress to Americans, so much so that 39 percent claim they have “taken steps over the past year to reduce their news consumption.”

The majority of them must have watched CNN.

While the idea of Trump winning or losing in 2020 doesn’t really cause my emotional dial to move all that much, I must admit that I too get stressed out watching cable news and trying to read the newspaper each morning.

When it comes to the newspaper, more specifically the USA Today (which I have been reading for years), it isn’t the stories so much as it is the headlines that drive me nuts. More than a few times over the past few months I’ve found myself avoiding my morning ritual of coffee, breakfast and the USA Today, because I just can’t get over how misleading the headlines are.

And then there is the television news. Well, it’s not news exactly – it’s politically motivated talking heads trying to pound the same ideas into the viewing audience night after night.

If you’ve tried to watch the Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow shows more than once over the past three years than you know what I mean. They drone on and on and on and on and on about the same things every episode.

And then there are the buzzwords. Please stop with the fisa and the quid pro quo and the collusion and the whistleblower – it’s like water torture.

Just stop already.


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