There have been plenty of ridiculous comments made by C-list Hollywood morons, knee taking failed athletes, terrorist sympathizing U.S. Representatives and even brain washed ordinary Americans since the Trump administration decided to punch the sneakiest bully in the world (Iran) in the face and send Qasem Soleimani to meet his maker last week, but perhaps most interesting to me was the claim by many that Trump’s move was the start of World War III.

Aren’t we already in the midst of World War III? It seems to me we have been at war since Sept. 11, 2001. And if you don’t subscribe to that theory, one could make the argument that at the very least we’ve been at war with Iran since 1979 when the regime took 52 Americans hostage and held them for 444 days.

Maybe people don’t recognize this war because there are no tanks or trenches or Creedence Clearwater Revival songs playing while choppers skim the tops of jungle terrain.

But make no mistake, war was declared on the United States and all of its allies that fateful day by Islamic extremists – many of which are funded and trained and housed and at the very least encouraged to act by Iranian officials like Soleimani and his ilk.

Every violent attack on military personnel, contractors and ordinary folks just trying to live a life around the world since then that has included suicide bombers, shooters in concert halls, knife-wielding maniacs and exploding cars is just a continuation of that war on civilized society.

It is a war that has featured different fronts including invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq by President George W. Bush and thousands of documented drone strikes on suspected and known terrorists around the world by former President Barrack Obama.

Now you can add Trump’s decision to blow up General Soleimani to the list – a man who might have held a familiar military title to those we recognize in American society as the top brass of our distinguished military service, but lived a life completely devoid of the honor and dignity of his so-called peers in civilized societies across the globe.

Whether this latest clash with Iran will escalate tensions to the point of a full-blown invasion scenario remains to be seen but I highly doubt it. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is a billionaire who makes his money off of the misery of his own people and that cash comes from nearly every sector of Iranian industry – from finance to oil, telecommunications, and even, according to a 2013 Reuters investigation, ostrich farming.

A war with the United States would certainly mean the destruction of all that infrastructure.

Meanwhile, 80 percent of Iranians suffer in poverty including the millions you didn’t seen on liberal new casts mourning the death of the general.

That being said, anything is possible. I can’t predict the future and I’m not a military and foreign affairs expert like Rose McGowan, Colin Kaepernick or Ilhan Omar, but I know this much: Conflict in the Middle East has been an ongoing theme for the majority of my lifetime and doesn’t seem like it is going to subside anytime soon, regardless of who is in the White House.

Some would argue that Obama’s Iran deal was a step in the right direction but even his Secretary of State at the time - lifetime swamp dweller John Kerry – admitted that terrorists would most likely benefit from his boss’ sanctions relief and pallet of cash.

“I think that some of it will end up in the hands of the IRGC or other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists,” he told a CNBC reporter. “You know, to some degree, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that every component of that can be prevented.”

At least we know Soleimani won’t be using any of that money to torture or kill any more people in the region.

The other response I found very telling after the general was disintegrated outside the Baghdad airport, was Iraqi leaders shouting for the U.S. to get out of their country.

If I were president my immediate response would be, “Well, bye.”

It’s long past time we got out of the Middle East and Trump ran on the promise that he would put an end to these endless wars, so I’d like to see him follow through.

It is an unwinnable situation that has already cost the world too much – particularly the United States, which has taken the unenviable task of leading the march since 9/11.

According to a report from The Costs of War Project - a team of 35 scholars, legal experts, human rights practitioners, and physicians, which began its work in 2011 and is affiliated with the Watson Institute and Brown University:

• Over 801,000 people have died due to direct war violence, and several times as many indirectly since the war on terror began in earnest in 2001.

• Over 335,000 civilians have been killed as a result of the fighting

• The US federal price tag for the post-9/11 wars is over $6.4 trillion dollars

• Over 6,950 U.S. soldiers have died in the wars. We do not know the full extent of how many US service members returning from these wars became injured or ill while deployed.

• Many deaths and injuries among U.S. contractors have not been reported as required by law, but it is likely that at least 7,800 have been killed.

• 21 million Afghan, Iraqi, Pakistani, and Syrian people are living as war refugees and internally displaced persons, in grossly inadequate conditions.

•The US government is conducting counterterror activities in 8a0 countries, vastly expanding this war across the globe.

• US government funding of reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan has totaled over $170 billion. Most of those funds have gone towards arming security forces in both countries. Much of the money allocated to humanitarian relief and rebuilding civil society has been lost to fraud, waste, and abuse.

• The cost of the Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria wars totals about $5.9 trillion. This does not include future interest costs on borrowing for the wars, which will add an estimated $8 trillion in the next 40 years.

And now you can add a Ukrainian airplane full of 176 innocent souls and 56 Iranians crushed to death during a sham funeral session in the streets of Tehran to that ever-growing list of casualties of war.

Enough already.

Get out.


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