Headed to State Meet

Mesabi East’s Gavin Skelton races to a first place finish in the 300 meter hurdles during Thursday’s Section 7A finals in Duluth.

DULUTH — The Iron Range is set to be well represented at the upcoming Class A State Track and Field Meet after area athletes punched their tickets to state Thursday at the Section 7A Championships.

Team-wise, Mesabi East claimed both the boys’ and girls’ titles with the boys’ winning by one point over Ely, 61-60. On the girls’ side, the Giants dominated winning with 78 points. Their next closest competitor was Proctor with 48.

The top two individuals and relay teams in each event advanced to the state meet.

Advancing to state for the Giants includes two-time 800 meter champion Ava Hill, who won the 800 yet again with a time of 2:16.71. Gavin Skelton will advance on the boys’ side, claiming first in the 300 meter hurdles with a time of 41.95. Teammate Tyler Baribeau placed second in the long jump with a jump of 19 feet, nine inches, also earning him a trip to state.

Mesabi East was a dominant force in the relays on both the boys’ and girls’ side. The Mesabi East girls will advance with wins in the 4x100 meter relay (Lexi Highland, Elli Theel, Kailey Fossell, Hannah Hannuksela; 52.33), the 4x200 relay (Hannuksela, Kiarra Moehlenbrock, Kora Forsline, Hill; 1:46.30), the 4x400 relay (Moehlenbrock, Forsline, Lydia Skelton, Hill; 4:08.38)) and a second place finish in the 4x800 relay (Forsline, Aaliyah Sahr, Skelton, Bella Thomas; 9:59.41).

The boys’ will also send two relay teams with the Giants coming first in the 4x200 meter relay (Cole Meyer, Jagr Wippler, Baribeau, Carson Becicka; 1:33.45) and the 4x400 relay (Becicka, Meyer, Baribeau, Skelton; 3:32.66).

For Eveleth-Gilbert, Natalie Fultz was a double-qualifier, taking first in the 300 meter hurdles with a time of 46.72 and second in the high jump with a best-jump of five feet flat. She’ll be joined at state by Josh Creer-Oberstar who was the champion in the boys’ high jump, winning the event with a top jump of six feet, two inches.

The Mountain Iron-Buhl boys’ track team will be advancing Jericho Peterson to state in two events after the Ranger senior captured first in both the 100 meter dash and the 200 meter dash. Peterson clocked in a time of 11.07 to claim the 100 meter title and a time of 22.78 to take home the 200 meter crown.

Ely advanced multiple athletes to state on the boys side as a part of their runner-up team finish.

Luke Olson was the champion in the 800 meter run, winning with a time of 1:57.76. Raif Olson also advances to state with a second place finish in the 300 meter hurdles, clocking in at 43.44. Eric Omerza punches a ticket to state as well, taking second in the triple jump with a best jump of 41 feet, 10 inches.

In the relays, Ely advances to state with second place finishes in the 4x400 relay (Nate Nettifee, R. Olson, Emmett Faltesek, L. Olson; 3:34.24) and the 4x800 relay (Dylan Fenske, James Schwinghamer, Faltesek, L. Olson; 8:28.01).

On the girls’ side, the Timberwolves send Brielle Kallberg to state after she finished second in the long jump with a distance of 16 feet, one and a half inches.

The Virginia boys’ will be sending two athletes to state in three different events. Eighth grade runner Cameron Stocke took home two second place finishes on the day, qualifying in both the 800 meter run (1:58.07) and the 1600 meter run (4:24.33). He’ll be joined by teammate Christopher Jacklen in the shot put. Jacklen advances to the state meet after taking second in the throwing event with a distance of 45 feet, five and a half inches.

South Ridge/Cherry/North Woods/Northeast Range is sending one individual athlete to state this year as sophomore Elle Ridge qualified in the discus throw, placing second with a toss of 107 feet, one inch.

In addition, SR/C/NW/NR will also be sending their girls’ 4x200 meter relay team with Mikayla Mellesmoen, Jaden Ellefson, Sophie Lenz and Taylor Mejdrich advancing to the state meet after coming in second at the section championships with a time of 1:50.21.

Numerous athletes cut it close to state, but failed to advance, ultimately placing third just outside of qualification.

On the girls’ side, Mesabi East’s Elli Theel finished third in the 200 meter dash Thursday, crossing with a time of 27.11. Teammate Bella Thomas also missed out in the 1600 meter run, finishing in third at 5:32.93.

After advancing to state last year, the 4x100 meter relay team from South Ridge/Cherry/North Woods/Northeast Range missed out on state by a hundredth of a second, finishing with a time of 52.69, just behind Barnum. Also in the relays, the 4x800 team from Virginia missed out by about 12 seconds, taking third with a time of 10:12.03.

In the field events, South Ridge/Cherry/North Woods/Northeast Range’s Taylor Mejdrich missed out on state by about five inches in the long jump, finishing with a distance of 15 feet, eight and a half inches.

On the boys’ side, Ely’s Isaac Gawboy took home third in the 100 meter dash (11.35). Teammate James Schwinghamer was third in the 3200 meter run (9:55.03). Mesabi East’s Tyler Baribeau was third in the 200 meter dash with a time of 23.30.

In the relays, South Ridge/Cherry/North Woods/Northeast Range just missed out in the 4x100 dash (46.27).

In the field events, Ian Sherman ­— from the aforementioned St. Louis County Schools teams — fell short of qualifying in two events with third place finishes in both the high jump (six feet, zero inches) and the long jump (19 feet, four and a half inches). His teammate Matt Kilbourn also just missed out, taking third in the shot put with a throw of 44 feet, two inches.

The Class A State Track and Field Meet is set for June 7-8 at Hamline University in St. Paul.

Listed below are placements for all area athletes at Thursday’s section finals.

Section 7A Championship

Finishes for area athletes


100 meter dash (top 8 finalists): 4, Elli Theel, ME, 13.01; 6, Brielle Kallberg, Ely, 13.20; 8, Molly Vagle, Virg, 13.32; 10, Ava Fink, Virg, 13.60.

200 meter dash: 3, Theel, ME, 27.11; 5, Vagle, Virg, 27.21; 12, Hannah Hannuksela, 28.34.

400 meter dash: 9, Annikka Mattson, Ely, 1:06.67; 10, Amara Wilcox, EG, 1:07.06; 11, Rian Aune, Virg, 1:07.78; 12, Alex Wercinski, Virg, 1:07.93; 14, Adriana Sheets, ME, 1:09.09.

800 meter run: 1, Ava Hill, ME, 2:16.71; 8, Holly Norha, Virg, 2:34.34.

1600 meter run: 3, Bella Thomas, ME, 5:32.93; 5, Kaari Harsila, Virg, 5:38.86; 6, Lydia Skelton, ME, 5:39.70; 7, Zoe Devine, Ely, 5:41.95; 8, Kate Nelson, 5:43.25; 12, Ana Ridge, SR/C/NW/NR, 5:55.45.

3200 meter run: 4, Jillian Sajdak, SR/C/NW/NR, 12:27.10; 6, Liz Nelson, MIB, 12:34.39; 8, Taina Koivisto, SR/C/NW/NR, 12:57.69; 12, Anna Greenlee, ME, 13:18.24.

100 meter hurdles (top 8 finalists): 8, Natalie Fultz, EG, 20.90; 10, Kiarra Moehlenbrock, ME, 18.05; 12, Aryona Wallace, Virg, 18.80; 13, Lucy Virant, EG, 18.88; 14, Courtnee Scinto, EG, 19.14.

300 meter hurdles: 1, Fultz, EG, 46.72; 5, Kenna Ridge, SR/C/NW/NR, 50.46; 10, Jennie Krause, EG, 53.79; 11, Aaliyah Sahr, ME, 53.79.

4x100 meter relay: 1, Mesabi East (Lexi Highland, Theel, Kailey Fossell, Hannuksela), 52.33; 3, South Ridge/Cherry/North Woods/Northeast Range (Mikayla Mellesmoen, Joey Lakoskey, Sophie Lenz, Taylor Mejdrich), 52.68; 7, Ely (Ana Bercher, McKenna Coughlin, Sarah Isbell, Cora Olson), 54.72.

4x200 meter relay: 1, Mesabi East (Hannuksela, Moehlenbrock, Forsline, Hill), 1:46.30; 2, South Ridge/Cherry/North Woods/Northeast Range (Mellesmoen, Jaden Ellefson, Lenz, Mejdrich), 1:50.21; 8, Ely (Mattson, Coughlin, Isbell, Olson), 1:55.14.

4x400 meter relay: 1, Mesabi East (Moehlenbrock, Forsline, Skelton, Hill), 4:08.38; 4, Eveleth-Gilbert (Maggie Landwer, Shelby Karpik, Wilcox, Fultz), 4:20.14; 6, South Ridge/Cherry/North Woods/Northeast Range (A. Ridge, Sajdak, K. Ridge, Ellefson), 4:27.86; 8, Virginia (Harsila, Alyssa Crettol, Norha, Aune), 4:29.41.

4x800 meter relay: 2, Mesabi East (Forsline, Sahr, Skelton, Thomas), 9:59.41; 3, Virginia (Wercinski, aune, Harsila, Sophia Flatley), 10:12.03; 8, Ely (Gracie Pointer, Brynn Vollom, Julia Schwinghamer, Phoebe Helms), 11:32.52.

High jump: 2, Fultz, EG, 5-00; 4T, Moehlenbrock, 4-07; 9, Mikayla Kibbe, EG, 4-07; 10T, Lauren Maki, MIB, 4-04.

Pole Vault: 6T, Addison Johnson, EG, 7-00; 6T, Emma Crum, EG, 7-00.

Long jump: 2, Kallberg, Ely, 16-01.50;3, Mejdrich, SR/C/NW/NR, 15-08.50; 4, Hannuksela, ME, 15-07.50; 5, Elli Jankila, EG, 15-06.00; 14, Theel, ME, 13-07.00.

Triple jump: 5, Jankila, EG, 32-08.50; 7, Lenz, SR/C/NW/NR, 31-07.00; 8, Sahr, ME, 31-05.00; 9, Kallberg, Ely, 31-04.00; 10, Wilcox, EG, 31-01.00.

Shot put: 9, McKinley Kvas, MIB, 31-01.00; 13, Sydney Fitzgerald, EG, 29-04.50.

Discus throw: 2, Elle Ridge, SR/C/NW/NR, 107-01; 7, Ande Visser, Ely, 94-00; 7, Kellen Thomas, Ely, 93-05; 12, Bailee Benda, Virg, 78-08.


100 meter dash (top 8 finalists): 1, Jericho Peterson, MIB, 11.07; 3, Isaac Gawboy, Ely, 11.35; 4, Cole Meyer, ME, 11.53.

200 meter dash: 1, Peterson, MIB, 22.78; 3, Tyler Baribeau, ME, 23.30; 6, Dillon Drake, MIB, 23.84; 8, Gawboy, Ely, 23.96.

400 meter dash: 5, Carson Becicka, ME, 55.02; 10, Ian Gornik, ME, 55.96; 13, Nels Parenteau, MIB, 56.60.

800 meter run: 1, Luke Olson, Ely, 1:57.76; 2, Cameron Stocke, Virg, 1:58.07; 4, Andrew Larsen, 2:01.95.

1600 meter run: 2, Stocke, Virg, 4:24.33; 10, Jeffrey Kayfes, MIB, 4:56.74; 11, Gabriel Pointer, Ely, 5:01.83; 12, Emmett Faltesek, Ely, 5:01.91.

3200 meter run: 3, James Schwinghamer, Ely, 9:55.03; 5, Aaron Nelson, MIB, 10:19.85; 9, Larsen, EG, 10:39.05; 12, Parker Jones, SR/C/NW/NR, 10:41.96.

110 meter hurdles (top 8 finalists): 4, Gavin Skelton, ME, 16.68; 5, Kjetl Midtunn, Ely, 17.47; 10, Raif Olson, Ely, 18.18.

300 meter hurdles: 1, Skelton, ME, 41.95; 2, R. Olson, Ely, 43.44; 6, Tony Cummins, SR/C/NW/NR, 45.39.

4x100 meter relay: 3, South Ridge/Cherry/North Woods/Northeast Range (Joey Janke, Ian Sherman, Clayton Janssen, Isaiah Foster), 46.27; 6, Eveleth-Gilbert (Ethan Zlimen, Karson Sortedahl, Marshal Sortedahl, Josh Creer-Oberstar), 46.79.

4x200 meter relay: 1, Mesabi East (Meyer, Jagr Wippler, Baribeau, Becicka), 1:33.45; 4, Eveleth-Gilbert (Zlimen, K. Sortedahl, M. Sortedahl, Creer-Oberstar), 1:36.83.

4x400 meter relay: 1, Mesabi East (Becicka, Meyer, Baribeau, Skelton), 3:32.66; 2, Ely (Nate Nettifee, R. Olson, Faltesek, L. Olson), 3:34.24; 8, South Ridge/Cherry/ North Woods/Northeast Range (Dillon Gorsma, Jimmy Zupancich, Cummins, Foster), 3:52.76.

4x800 meter relay: 2, Ely (Dylan Fenske, Schwinghamer, Faltesek, L. Olson), 8:28.01.

High jump: 1, Creer-Oberstar, EG, 6-02; 3, Sherman, SR/C/NW/NR, 6-00; 7, Hunter Hannuksela, ME, 5-07.

Pole vault: 7, Caleb Klander, EG, 9-00; 9, Becicka, ME, 9-00; 10T, Creer-Oberstar, 8-00.

Long jump: 2, Baribeau, ME, 19-09.00; 3, Sherman, SR/C/NW/NR, 19-04.50; 8, Eric Omerza, Ely, 18-05.00; 11, Hannuksela, ME, 17-11.50.

Triple jump: 2, Omerza, Ely, 41-10.00; 10, Weston Stroschein, SR/C/NW/NR, 37-09.00.

Shot put: 2, Christopher Jacklen, Virg, 45-05.50; 3, Matt Kilbourn, SR/C/NW/NR, 44-02.00; 6, Anton LeBeque, Virg, 42-03.00; 10, Jasiah Wigdahl, Ely, 40-01.50.

Discus throw: 4, Lucas Hultman ,EG, 132-05; 5, Jacklen, Virg, 130-04; 6, Deekon Anvid, SR/C/NW/NR, 126-08; 7, Kilbourn, SR/C/NW/NR, 126-07; 8, Skelton, ME, 126-04; 10, Jayton Nelson, SR/C/NW/NR, 115-05; 11, Wigdahl, Ely, 114-02.


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