Rinne extends Pick ‘ems lead to 2 games

John Rinne continues to rule the roost of the MDN Pigskin Pick ‘ems contest.

The Eveleth Golf Pro went into the week with a one game lead and extended it to two games after going 7-3 on the week (36-14 overall), while current runner-up Gilbert Police officer Chelsea Trucano went 6-4 (34-16 overall).

“My first Sunday of watching football this fall and it didn’t disappoint. Some interesting upsets,’’ Rinne said. “I’m glad both the Vikes and Gophers had a good weekend. This next weekend will be a good test for both teams. The Twins will probably be done by then so all eyes will be on football.

“It’s hard to trash talk to my competitors until someone makes a charge. Until then it would just be like picking on your little sister or the poor paper boys! I think the stellar matchup of Redskins/Dolphins is like a Romsaas vs. Romsaas matchup. He he.’’

Rinne missed on the Cowboys vs. Packers game and also on the Colts at Chiefs contest. In addition, everyone except MDN Sports Editor Jim Romsaas missed on the Auburn at Florida game.

Trucano said it was just luck that Rinne picked the Seahawks to beat the Rams.

“I guess I should have known better with the power of the 12th man psyching out the Rams’ kicker,’’ she said.

Third place Brad Kern struggled a bit but still managed a 6-4 record, which put him at five games out of first place (31-19 overall).

‘‘Well I’ll have to say, this whole experience isn’t as easy as it seems. Although, I’m right in the mix and happy with where I’m at in the standings one quarter of the way through the football season,’’ added the Essentia Health athletic trainer for local high schools and Mesabi Range College.

Mountain Iron City Administrator Craig Wainio stayed a game behind Kern, but Wainio’s 6-4 mark (30-20 overall) put him just one game out of last place.

“Pretty tight week this last one, with the exception of Mr. Kendall who took some risky picks to try and move up,’’ Wainio stated. “I could take a shot at Mr. Kendall, but I don’t want to be called out again for picking on the members with bad weeks when things go south for me. Maybe Ben should take some tips from good old dad, as he went 8-2. Just remember MDN writer guys, Confucius say man who lives in glass house should change clothes in basement.’’

Wainio also recognizes the predicament he is in.

“With a record of 30-20 and barely in fourth place, to quote the common man, I am ‘the best of the lousiest and the lousiest of the best.’ ’’

Trucano also directed a comment at Wainio.

“Wainio is claiming he knows the secret behind my superior football picks. He is certainly winning with leading his city in the right direction. It’s just too bad he is lost when it comes to football picks,’’ she stated.

Speaking of Giants Ridge Director of Golf Kendall, he is now tied for fifth place, which also means he is tied for last with Mesabi Range assistant football coach Montana Coates, MDN Staff Writer Ben Romsaas and Jim Romsaas. Kendall slipped in the rankings with a 3-7 week (29-21 overall). He correctly picked Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio State to win, but missed on the Vikings and key Florida/Auburn game.

With that in mind, he is concerned about this week’s games.

“These seem to be a group of pretty straightforward picks. Unfortunately, I thought the same last week which gives me cause for concern.’’

Jim Romsaas won the week with an 8-2 mark (now 29-21 overall) and jumped into a tie for fifth (AKA last place). Correctly picking wins by Seattle and Florida made the difference. Ben Romsaas, meanwhile, went 6-4 (now 29-21 overall) after missing with his Rams pick and Auburn. Montana Coates also had a 6-4 mark (now 29-21 overall) with key misses on the Giants to beat Minnesota and Auburn to beat Florida.

Kern added that everyone’s previous assumptions about his lack of time have been accurate.

“It’s starting to show with my record over the last two weeks. I’ve been swamped with the beginning of fall sports and haven’t been able to put my all into this competition. Granted I have been enjoying another solid season of VHS VB, VHS girls tennis, VHS CC and MCAC Northern conference leading MCC VB. Football has been going well for the undefeated and conference leading MCC FB team. The VHS FB team is still looking for it’s first win under first year head coach Matt Anderson and I know that the coaches and the players are hungry for it. The amount of time and effort those young boys and coaches have put in hopefully will translate into that first “W”. I’ll give it another week or so with my same method of making picks. However, if this starts to spiral out of control and I drop in the standings, I may have to cut back on some of my sports coverage so that I can focus on making a run for the top spot.’’

Wainio also gave a shout out to the University of Wisconsin-Superior men’s golf team on capturing the UMAC championship over the weekend and also to Mountain Iron-Buhl football on their victory over Hill City-Nothland.


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