Rinne keeps 1-game lead; former champ drops

With about six weeks left, Mesabi Range head football coach Tom Inforzato is making his move to get out of the cellar.

He had a solid grip on last place (three games) going into week 12 before going 7-3 and having two of his closest competitors struggle with their picks. All three are now tied for sixth place.

Inforzato (70-49-1) nabbed the best record of the week and missed only on the Jaguars loss to the Bills, Minnesota’s win over Wisconsin and Ohio State’s blowout victory over Michigan.

Facebook Queen Tammy Spelts (formerly in seventh place) fell into Inforzato’s grasp after picking only three of 10 games correctly. At the same time, Mesabi Range head baseball coach Chris Vito picked only one correctly, which also dropped him into the tie.

Spelts realized what her 3-7 week meant in the standings, too.

“Oh my goodness did I have a bad week with my picks last week. Come on FBQ, aka Queenie - WAKE UP. Maybe I need to take some advice from the King - Rinne. BTW - he has promised me a za and something pumpkin spice, hope that still stands. LOL! Maybe I should have gone deer hunting and had the deer help me with my picks. LOL! That is okay, because I WILL make a come back, after all it is the holiday season. I better use some of my peppermint essential oils to assist me. FB friends please send some good vibes my way. Thanks!

“Father Brandon - a little help here please! Work your magic with the big guy please,’’ Spelts added.

Besides the “Battle for the Bottom,’’ Eveleth Golf Course pro John Rinne remained in first after going 5-5, which put him at 83-36-1.

MDN Sports Editor Jim Romsaas also went 5-5 and remains just one game out of the lead with a 82-37-1 record.

“It doesn’t look like I’ll ever get back on top with Rinne continuing to copy my picks!’’ Romsaas said. “I have a little surprise in store this week.’’

“I guess I couldn’t handle making picks when I’m in the lead,’’ Rinne the copier said. “I must have used up my luck last week, taking the lead and getting a deer the same day. Maybe I’m better off drafting off the leader and passing on the final lap week. College picks weren’t too good but at least the second place guy copied my picks again. That will teach you! LOL!

“At least I didn’t do as bad as the Facebook Queen! You would think with the thousands of followers you have, someone could help? Maybe too much Pumpkin Spice Egg Nog. Finally a great Minnesota sports weekend with winners by every team.’’

While Rinne and Romsaas were tradin’ paint at the front of the pack, local real estate agent “RJ’’ Marwick and holder of third place continued closing in on them. His 6-4 mark for the week (79-40-1 overall) put him just four games behind Rinne and three behind Romsaas.

“Here you go with another week of picks and one more game I picked up on Romsaas and Rinne. I would have picked Syracuse (to beat Boston College), if I knew their quarterback was playing. Looks like we have a three-way tie for last place. Lucky for Chris, the Vikings won or he would have had a perfect record for the week! I am coming after RINNE, for 1st place, he better start watching his back!

“Good Luck to Tammy, to see if she can get out of Last Place.’’

Father Brandon Moravitz made his own move with a 6-4 week and a 77-42-1 overall record. Going 6-4 gave him fourth place all alone — a position he had shared with MDN Sports Writer Ben Romsaas. The junior Romsaas went 5-5 for the week and now sits in fifth place at 71-38-1.

Week 13’s games have the panelists split once again. The Vikings/Packers contest has six prognosticators going for the Patriots and only two going for the Vikings. The Steelers/Chargers game is in the same boat, while the Broncos/Bengals game is more evenly split.

The Ravens/Falcons game is also split down the middle, including being the only game Rinne and Romsaas differ on.

“I had to secretly submit my Ravens pick in an armored car so Rinne wouldn’t follow my lead once again,” the elder Romsaas said. “One week from today, there will not doubt be a tie atop the Pick ‘ems standings once again.’’


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