Rinne takes Pick ‘ems lead back

A stellar 9-2 record in Week 15 (including Seattle’s Monday night win in Week 14) has put Eveleth Golf Course Pro John Rinne all alone in first place in the Pigskin Pick ‘ems contest.

Rinne only missed when the Chargers rallied late on Thursday to beat his Chiefs and Georgia Southern got past Eastern Michigan in the Raycom Media Camellia Bowl, 23-21.

Rinne (104-45-1) leads MDN Sports Editor Jim Romsaas (7-4, 103-46-1) by a single game with just three weeks of games to select. (Note: All weekly records reported in this story include last Monday night’s Minnesota loss to Seattle, which was too late to be in last week’s story).

Rinne is more than confident he will come out on top.

“Once again all is right in the land of Pick ‘ems and the king is in the lead!’’ Rinne said. “I think Mrs. Romsaas better worry about RJ catching him not me. I better quit making side bets with (Tammy) Spelts because I’m gonna gain a bunch of weight. Now she owes me a Dave’s pizza and two Nut Goodies. Maybe we better play for an Apple this week?’’

Local realtor “RJ’’ Marwick (7-4, 100-49-1) was devastated that New England cost him again when they lost to Pittsburgh on Sunday. He now just has one wish for Christmas.

“All I want for Christmas is to beat (Jim) Romsaas and Rinne in my picks! Happy holiday to everyone.’’

MDN Sports Writer Ben Romsaas (9-2, 99-50-1) recovered from a 5-4 effort to tie Rinne for the best weekly record and move to within just one game of third place Marwick. He is also just four games out of second and five games out of first as he continues his ascent by picking all five bowl games correctly and missing only on the Bills/Lions game and the Chargers/Chiefs contest.

Father Brandon Moravitz (7-4, 94-55-1) fell five games out of a Top 4 position after missing on the Lions and Cowboys games, along with the Georgia Southern bowl game. “I had to start taking some risks (for Week 16) in hopes of maybe making a move in the standings.’’

Mesabi Range head baseball coach Chris Vito (6-5, 89-60-1) slipped into a sixth place tie after missing on four of the five pro games in Week 15.

Facebook Queen Spelts (7-4, 89-60-1) moved up into the sixth place tie but realizes she won’t be catching Rinne, and is focused on her food bets and staying out of the cellar.

“Well, guess what, I lost to Rinne so I owe him not one but two Nut Original Nut Goodies and most likely a Za of his choice. Boy, I am sure he won’t ever let me live this one down! I still can’t believe the Pats lost on Sunday. They never lose. I am hoping to rise up on that chart this week. Santa said I have been a good girl!’’

As far as her goal of not being last?

“I can’t be in last place. No way, not happening. Once again, thank you to my assistant for all of his help with my picks. You are the BEST!’’

Mesabi Range football head coach Tom Inforzato had a strong 8-3 record for the week (87-62-1 overall) and inched closer to sixth place. He is now just two games behind Vito and Spelts. However, he’ll need a seven-game turnaround to catch Moravitz.

Week 16’s games have the panelists unanimously behind the Vikings beating the Lions. However, the other nine NFL and college bowl games have the panel largely split.

Who will come out on top? An exciting conclusion to the NFL season and a few playoff games, along with the college national title game on Jan. 7, will tell the rest of the story.


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