Wainio, Rinne tied for lead in Pick ‘ems

Gilbert Police Officer Chelsea Trucano came into the week with a 9-1 record and a one game lead over the other seven Mesabi Daily News Pigskin Pick ‘ems panelists.

However, after she put together a 4-5 week, Mountain Iron City Administrator Craig Wainio and Eveleth Golf Pro John Rinne have taken over first place. Both went 6-3 for the week and are each 14-5 after two weeks (pending the outcome of the Monday night game).

“I had to give the guys a break this week; I’d hate to hurt anyone’s egos this early in the season. However, all is fair in love and sports,’ Trucano said.

Defending champion Rinne’s pick of Atlanta over Philadelphia gave him a game on the competition, while Wainio’s selection of Green Bay to defeat Minnesota also proved beneficial.

Giants Ridge Director of Golf John Kendall and Mesabi Range College football assistant coach Montana Coates also went 6-3 for the week, but it was Kendall who jumped into a tie for third at 13-6. Trucano is also at 13-6, as is Virginia and Mesabi Range athletic trainer Brad Kern, who went 5-4 on the week.

Despite being just one game off the lead, Kendall said it was “another surefire 10-0 week done in by iffy QB decisions, injuries, and other flavors of bad beats — all reminding me why I don’t gamble. I’m hoping I can make up some ground on everyone taking ND over Georgia.’’

Wainio believes things should tighten up after week two.

“This week I am going against my philosophy of not picking the Vikings. I am sure any Viking fan can relate but the Raiders are not that good. Some of my predictions about the performance of the Pick ‘ems group were accurate after week one, with the exception of Trucano and Kern, maybe Chelsea was on the midnight shift affording her some research time and Kern must have the school running like a Swiss watch. I know Rinne has a busy weekend so that may effect his picking ability. With Mesabi Football off to a 4-0 start and with his Week 1 record we know coach is spending more time on Mesabi football than on his picks.’’

After the third-place logjam, MDN Sports Editor Jim Romsaas sits alone in sixth place thanks to a 4-5 week and a 12-7 overall mark. He has a two-game lead on Coates, who is just barely above .500 at 10-9 overall. MDN Sports Writer Ben Romsaas is just under .500 after going 2-7 for the week, which put him at 9-10 overall.

“My first reaction to looking at last week’s results,’’ Rinne said, “was to think that the three golfers rule and the MDN guys maybe drool? You guys copying from the Associated Press? He he. The Falcons and Bears (over Denver) games were fantastic.

“After the Browns beat the Jets tonight, me and Mr. Mountain Iron will be tied hopefully. I’m not gonna talk about Vikes but it’s not as bad as that Broncos loss. Sorry Jim, I’m being mean to the guy writing the story. Not smart.’’

Despite a disheartening loss by the Vikings, the panel has all taken Minnesota.

Coates could pick up ground after taking the Ravens to beat the Chiefs and USC to beat Utah. Kendall went with the Trojans, as well.

The panel is also noticeably split on Carolina at Arizona and Auburn at Texas A&M, so there could be some changes next weekend.


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