Trygg’s inside, outside skills help her excel for VHS

Virginia’s Lexiss Trygg has been named the Mesabi Daily News Prep Athlete of the Week.

VIRGINIA — Junior Lexiss Trygg has played a big role in the Virginia girls’ basketball team starting the season 2-0.

The 6-foot-tall forward has averaged 20 points a game, which has included inside buckets and also long range shots.

“She’s able to play both on the inside and on the outside,’’ head coach Spencer Aune said of her improvement in both areas since being called up to the varsity as a freshman. “She’s been steadily improving every year’’ and being 6 feet tall doesn’t hurt either.

Trygg has the versatility to post up when we need her to, can handle the ball pretty well and shoot from outside, Aune added.

Scoring points is not all Trygg focuses on when on the basketball court.

“I don’t quite think about my points,’’ she said. “I like to find people that are more open than me most of the time. Getting a cool assist I think is almost the same as getting a cool goal.’’

The junior’s plan during a game is to get it to a teammate that has a better shot than she has. “When they make the shot, it’s like ‘yes.’ It doesn’t have to be me (putting points on the scoreboard). It can be anyone.’’


Trygg first started playing basketball in the first grade and returned to the sport she loved in fourth grade. She had watched her older sister Jasmine (2018 Virginia graduate) play and knew she wanted to get back into it. Getting jerseys (with each player’s name on the back) that year also spurred her re-entry into the sport.

Trygg remembers watching Jasmine and saying, “Basketball, yeah, I want to play basketball. I want to be like Jasmine.’’ She added that she might have played hockey if her sister took up that sport.

The junior realized she might have some basketball ability in the seventh grade when she got pulled up to the C team in mid season. “I was like ‘Oh, maybe this is something I’m really going to have fun with and I’m really going to strive to be better at.’’

Speaking of her height, Trygg was “always one of the taller ones,’’ but got taller than everyone else around seventh grade. “It definitely helps.’’

The Virginia teen said both her mom Angela Anderson, her dad Scott Trygg and many others have helped her throughout her basketball career.

Trygg looked up to Division I volleyball player Lexi Ahrens and Hailey Aho when it came to playing basketball. Both Ahrens and Aho played basketball alongside Trygg.

“I looked up to both of them a lot. I watched them play a lot.’’

Trygg’s improvement over the years can be traced to attending camps, playing AAU ball in the spring and also doing training programs.

Playing in the more aggressive AAU basketball games helped Trygg in the regular high school season, she said. “It just builds you as a player I think.’’

Trygg also plays volleyball in high school and Junior Olympics in the spring. Both help her on the basketball floor, she added, especially developing her jumping because both sports need a good vertical.

While doing all that, Trygg continues to work as a leader, Aune said. That includes in the gym in the summer helping others and being a good teammate. “All the kids love to be around her.’’

The head coach said one the court Trygg would rather play at guard, but also knows the Devils need an inside presence from her too.

Depending on the situation, Trygg will play outside and can knock down a 3-pointer if necessary. With often being quicker than her defender on the perimeter, her all-around game opens up everyone else’s game, Aune said.

The coach has nearly two whole years left to coach her and considers himself fortunate. “I’m really looking forward to see how she develops.’’

Trygg wants to reach her career 1,000th point this season (she has about 400 to go), but she is more concerned with the team goals.

“It’s a big goal, but I don’t want to make it all about my scoring. I still want my teammates to score too. I don’t want to get too much into that where I get selfish.’’

Trygg and the Blue Devils also have lofty goals for the 2019-20 season.

“I know we want to win as much as we can and we want to beat Mesabi East (especially). We have certain teams we want to beat. We all want to push for the goal of state. We’re all striving for it.’’


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