Mesabi East swimming falls short against Two Harbors

AURORA — The Mesabi East girls’ swim team failed to defend their home pool in a dual meet for the first time in more than year Tuesday with a 96-89 loss to Two Harbors.

With both the Agates and the Giants listed as section favorites heading into the season, the meet felt like a clash of the titans with Two Harbors ultimately getting the nod.

Mesabi East won just four of the 12 events scheduled on Tuesday including one relay out of three.

Grace Brunfelt was a winner in the 200 freestyle, stopping the clock at @:05.15 ahead of the Agates’ Riley Larson (2:06.32). Kailey Fossell dominated in the 1 meter dive scoring 237.65 points, nearly 100 more than her closest competition.

Emma Williams grabbed gold in the 100 backstroke, touching the wall first at 1:05.18. Finally, the 200 freestyle relay team of Hannah Nygaard, Kylie Meyer, Lydia Skelton and Grace Brunfelt came out on top as a team with a time of 1:48.25.

With a chance to win the meet heading into the final event — the 400 freestyle relay — Mesabi East head coach Jon Isaacson split up two of his squads. If the two squads took first and second, the meet would go to the Giants.

The plan, however, did not work and Mesabi East finished third and fourth in the event. After the meet, Isaacson said he knew the Agates would give his team a tough time but that things can change very quickly in swimming.

“It was a good meet,” Isaacson said. “We had a lot of good swims. They have more depth than they’ve had in the past. We’ll be better by the end of the season, I’ll guarantee that.”

Mesabi East will be on the road on Thursday when they take on Virginia.

Two Harbors 96, Mesabi East 89

200 medley relay: 1, Two Harbors, 1:56.49; 2, Mesabi East A (Emma Williams, Kylie Meyer, Lydia Skelton, Hannah Nygaard), 1:58.34; 3, Mesabi East B (Kailey Fossell, Hannah Mattson, Adrianna Lehmkuhl, Adrianna Sheets), 2:05.77

200 freestyle: 1, Grace Brunfelt, ME, 2:05.15; 2, Riley Larson, TH, 2:06.32; 3, Lehmkuhl, 2:16.92.

200 individual medley: 1, Kaylee Overby, TH, 2:27.59; 2, Skelton, ME, 2:30.84; 3, Ella Swoverland, TH, 2:49.39.

50 freestyle: 1, Kate Thomasen, TH, 25.81; 2, Nygaard, ME, 26.28; 3, Meyer, ME, 27.76.

1 meter diving: 1, Fossell, ME, 237.65; 2, Claire Esse, TH, 137.75; 3, Audrey Hanson, 131.50.

100 butterfly: 1, Jada Larson, TH, 1:03.53; 2, H. Mattson, ME, 1:10.27; 3, Aspen Huddleston, TH, 1:10.34.

100 freestyle: 1, Thomasen, TH, 56.81; 2, Skelton, ME, 59.88; 3, E. Williams, ME, 1:00.33.

500 freestyle: 1, R. Larson, TH, 5:41.32; 2, Brunfelt, 5:41.52; 3, Hannah Williams, ME, 6:07.95.

200 freestyle relay: 1, Mesabi East A (Nygaard, Meyer, Skelton, Brunfelt), 1:48.25; 2, Two Harbors, 1:50.88; 3, Mesabi East B (H. Mattson, Fossell, Lehmkuhl, Sheets), 1:51.28.

100 backstroke: 1, E. Williams, 1:05.18; 2, J. Larson, TH, 1:07.71; 3, Nygaard, 1:08.29.

100 breaststroke: 1, Overby, TH, 1:15.23; 2, Meyer, ME, 1:16.57; 3, H. Mattson, ME, 1:24.28.

400 freestyle relay: 1, Two Harbors A, 3:57.44; 2, Two Harbors B, 4:18.44; 3, Mesabi East (Cameron Mattson, Hannah Baker, H. Williams, Brunfelt)


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