Area Youth compete in 20th annual Mary Sandstrom golf and tennis tournaments

Junior Golf Winners are shown with Julie Sandstrom at the 20th Annual Mary Sandstrom Memorial Youth Golf and Tennis Tournament

GRAND RAPIDS — The 20th Annual Mary Sandstrom Memorial Youth Golf and Tennis Tournament was held Wednesday and Thursday, July 10:11 at Eagle Ridge Golf Course, Grand Rapids Middle School and 7 other sites.

Approximately 250 boys and girls ranging in age from 4–18 participated in the golf and tennis tournaments. The kids came from all across the state of Minnesota.

Julie Sandstrom, Executive Vice President of Sandstrom’s said the response was impressive again. “It was wonderful to see such a great turnout again this year. This is one of the biggest youth tournaments in the state. Many of these kids come back year after year and watching them grow and seeing their skills improve each year make it fun.” The tournament is an annual event for area youth, states Sandstrom. “My mother was very dedicated to youth programs around our area and golf and tennis were two of her passions. Being able to sponsor this event in her name, utilizing two activities that she loved, seemed to be a natural fit. In the coming years, we look forward to not only continuing to increase participation but to also increase the scope and impact of this event, always pointing toward benefiting the youth of Northern Minnesota.”

“We receive tremendous support from many of our vendors that help provide each child with a bag full of goodies, a tournament t:shirt and a prize. Lunch, ice cream, beverages and treats throughout the two days are also provided. Many of these vendors as well as a lot of locals come to help out and of course, Lew Smiley and family and Gordy Skaar and the staff at Eagle Ridge do a great job of organizing the actual play. It’s nice to see such support for the kids.” The dates for next year will again be set in early to mid:July. Please see the Facebook page Mary Sandstrom Memorial Youth Golf and Tennis for more photos and tournament information.

The results of the event were as follows:


Boys 8: Champion Jax Colter, 2nd place Eli Sertich, consolation Huck Hietala

Boys 10: Champion Ashton Hefferman, 2nd place Will Haarklau, consolation Leighton Stocke

Boys 12: Champion Karl Kimber, 2nd place Grady Hyduke, consolation Isaac Hildenbrand

Boys 14: Champion Max Plante, 2nd place Cullen Brown, consolation Zam Plante

Boys 16: Champion James Much, 2nd place Easton Young, consolation Andre Good

Boys 18: Champion Kolya Khotenko, 2nd place Ty Kruger, consolation Dane Patton

Girls 8: Champion Brooklyn Troumbly, 2nd place Libbie Shroeder, consolation Louisa Hill

Girls 10: Champion Charlotte Moss, 2nd place Emmi Peterson, consolation Alyssa Ohman

Girls 12: Champion Allison Fink, 2nd place Lola Champlin, consolation Elli Troumbly

Girls 14: Champion Abigail Sullivan, 2nd place Lila Collins, consolation Taryn Hamling

Girls 16: Champion Eva Kangas, 2nd place Marie Labbe, consolation Courtney Brandt

Girls 18: Champion Jordan Troumbly, 2nd place Abigail Sullivan, consolation Kalei Dowell

Boys 15 doubles: Champion Zam Plante and Aaron Evjen, 2nd place Kade Kohanski and Max Plante, consolations Justine Kerr and Zach Lagergren

Boys 18 doubles: Champion Dane Patton and Ty Kruger, 2nd place Reece Patton and Ryan Fowler, consolations Easton Young and Hunter Bischoff

Girls 15 doubles: Champion Taylor Skelly and Emily Hill, 2nd place Marie Holliday and Isabelle Bailey, consolations Erin Holliday and Ella McCarthy

Girls 18 doubles: Champion Jordan Troumbly and Jaime Troumbly, 2nd place Abigail Sullivan and Courtney Brandt, and consolation Jacie Smith and Anneka Lundgren

Golf Results:

Boys 15-18: 1, Gordon Skaar, 72; 2, Drew Kuschel, 85; 3, Luke Decoster, 111.

Boys 12-14: 1, Ian Mikulich, 84; 2, Mason Trast, 86; 3, Rece Kuschel, 90; 4, Gavin Brown, 92; 5, Theo Trash, 93; 6, Luka Rohloff, 97; 7, Travis Bird, 99; 8, Dominic Fairbanks, 102; 9, Erik Aunan, 103; 10, Christian Walker, 109; 11, Eli Tuomala, 112; 12, Luis Champlin, 130.

Girls 15-18: 1, Mollie Albrecht, 79; 2, Kada Puddicombe, 129.

Girls 12-14: 1, Haley Joregenson, 100.

Mite Flight Girls: 1, Lila Ugrich, 54; 2, Ava Johnson, 70; 3, Rheyna Reckinger, 74; T4, Brynn Skaar, 76; T4, Tiffany Urman, 76; 6, Ari Johnson, 88; 7, Sophie Buckingham, 89; 8, Bella Bulson, 90.

Mite Flight Boys: 1, Jens Aunan, 51; 2, Jack Johnson, 52; 3, Ethan Sundvall, 53; T4, Jack Klamm, 58; T4, Oliver Grossland, 58; 6, TJ Holmgren, 60; T7, Preston Troumbly, 61; T7, Tommy Kleindorst, 61.

Putting Contest: Boys-Drew Kuschel, Girls-Mollie Albrecht.


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